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Steven Spielberg’s BFG is almost here!

The friendly giant comes to life once more in this epic adventure and will be hitting cinemas just in time for the summer holidays...

Roald Dahl fans will know too well the beloved tale of young orphan Sophie who one night gets plucked from her bed in London and taken on a magical adventure. Well just when you thought the BFG couldn’t get any bigger along comes Steven Spielberg’s magical CGI extravaganza.

The film will be in UK cinemas from this Friday and stars young newcomer Ruby Barnhill. The big man himself is voiced by Oscar winner Mark Rylance, in a kindly, lilting West Country accent, with Bill Hader (Trainwreck) and Rafe Spall (The Big Short) as his fellow, less friendly giant neighbours.

“It’s like visiting a granddad in the shed, at the end of the garden. At some point, every kid must ask their parents, ‘Where do dreams come from? What are dreams?’ That’s a beautiful section of the film, their trip to Dream Country.” Rylance told Collider, going on to say that he would love to do a sequel with the immortal giant and the mortal Sophie as an old lady.

The late Roald Dahl was famously precious over film versions of his treasured tales but the 1989 animated version of the BFG was one he liked. It is impossible to know how he would feel about this outing which is written by E.T screenwriter, the late Melissa Mathison, but one thing it certainly doesn’t lack is charm. From the enchanting streets of London at night to neon dream sequences and the moment a terrified Sophie gets plucked from her bed by an enormous, but gentle hand, Spielberg’s BFG brings the classic story alive to a whole new generation.

If you can’t wait for this cinematic adventure, grab a subscription to Storytime which this month features the original classic tale (Snozzcumbers not included)

Images: Instagram @Disney

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