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From the publisher

The UK’s No.1 emotional wellbeing magazine.

Psychologies, the UK's No.1 emotional wellbeing magazine, provides every woman with inspiration and advice to lower her stress and anxiety and boost her resilience and happiness.

Psychologies’ mission is to provide every woman with inspiration and advice to support her to improve her emotional wellbeing. We aim to help her boost her happiness and resilience and lower her stress and anxiety. We do that by providing simple, achievable steps to make small changes that can add up to a real difference.

Embracing the four pillars of our life, from mind and body to heart and soul, psychologies engages with the world around us as well as the world within to help our audience discover inspiring ways to make every day better and create a life they love.

The four pillars of our life:
- MIND – Boost your happiness and ways to overcome problems, looking at psychology, philosophy, confidence, anxiety, stress, therapy and more
- HEART - Make the most of all of your loving relationships – with your partner, kids, parents, other family and friends
- BODY – Your physical reality: gentle activity (walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga), sleep, nutrition, natural beauty, meditation and more
- SOUL – The things that make your soul sing: creativity; nature; finding your purpose (including your work); travel and spirituality

When you subscribe, you automatically become a member of the ‘Psychologies’ Subscriber Club and receive the following exclusive benefits:

- Free coaching programs
- Opportunities to talk the experts
- Access to our subscriber-only Facebook group
- Special subscriber only weekly e-newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time)
- Discounts on Psychologies products
- Free delivery to your door in 100% plastic-free packaging

PLUS! You will receive inspiration and advice in every issue to create a life you love.

by Margaret
Great magazine lot of reading and thoroughly enjoy when it arrives in the post.
by Stephanie
I have just read my first copy of this magazine. What a really interesting magazine, full of topical issues for women of all ages. I particularly found the article about mother and daughter very good.(october edition.) I was alos taken by the good reviews . I am looking forward to reading the next issuein fact i am going to subscribe to the magazine.
I love this magazine. The content is brilliant, but I mainly like it because it has the best writing and journalism of any of the women's magazines, and really great columns and reviews as well as the personal potential and psychological stuff. A one-off.
by Heather
Great mag, import it to Oz and then share it around. There are always interesting articles and useful info. Also love the website quizzes
by Emma
I look forward to receiving my magazine every month! The articles are always so relevant to every day life and it's reassuring to see that others have the same worries, fears, desires and goals that I do! I am always left feeling positive after reading Psychologies, it's definitely my favourite magazine!
by anonymous
Love this magazine - not the average focus on celebrity diets or relationships.Interesting articles that help you live a happier life - got a few friends interested!
by lindsay
Great magazine and very intelligent too !!!.
by Elaine
I am living overseas and wait with anticipation for every new edition of Psychologies magazine to arrive. I love the diversity of the articles. This is one magazine I can't get through in just one or even two sittings but have to keep going back to enjoy it over and over again. Thankyou Psychologies editor, staff and contributors. I love the magazine!
by Mediha
"Psychologies" offers a vast variety of subjects you don't want to miss out on. Even your best friend can't give you the kind of advice you can read in the articles. It shows a deep insight in human nature I relish. The personalities picked out are of utmost interest.
by Maxine
I love this magazine and all the fascinating articles in it. It seems to read my mind a lot of the time!!
by Jane
I love this magazine, ( always buy it when in the UK) can I buy it here or get a subsciption to it here?
by Bronwen
Having picked up Psychologies a few times because of going through my own identity crisis I won't go into here. The magazine takes difficult issues and exposes the bones. It cuts away the 'Ology' getting straight to the 'Psyche' which is the area of self that we need to explore in greater depth. Thank you .
by anne
i bought the first issue and every one since then i really look forward to the new edition there is alway something interesting to read about and a lot of helpful information more please
by Lynette
It's been a tear since I started reading pschologies and it has enriched my life tremendously! I love it , there is something for everyone. I never miss it!
by janine
In a world where more is not enough..Psychologies lets you get off your 'merry go round' for a while.Excellent.
by celia
great magazine instead of the endless magazines telling us what to look like at last an aknowledgment we as women also have a brain i have learnt a lot from this and found more self esteem.
by Brian
As there doesn't appear to be a way of contacAs there appears to be no access to the editorial staff directly I am having to use this medium. Would you like an article from me entitled, The Future is Feminine? The argument is based on Feminine Thinking i.e. Right Brain dominant thinking being vastly to superior to Left Brain thinking (masculine brain) i.e. one operates at 40 bits of info per second the other at 1.25 million bits per second. I am a former consultant at the Stress Management Centre in Harley Street, currently with the Edinburgh Centre for Accelerated Learning.
by strangepuppy
Fab mag. I found all the articles interesting and easy to read and understand. I have recommended to friends and work colleagues.

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