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12 issues / 12 months
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WHY BUY A SUBSCRIPTION TO Good Housekeeping Magazine?

A subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine will bring you useful, monthly tips to help with the challenge of balancing a family, housework, a social life and time to yourself.

This multi-tasking women's magazine brings together loads of savvy homemaking experts to give you the best advice on nearly all aspects of life, from beauty and health to fashion and decorating.

Every issue comes with consumer testing reports to show you which products are worth buying, and beautiful interior design spreads to inspire your renovation efforts. You’ll also learn how to make delicious recipes, read about riveting, real life stories, and discover the latest travel hotspots.


A subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine has provided hundreds of thousands of women with vital information and genuinely useful advice on a broad range of subjects relevant to their lives.

From food to fashion, beauty to home buys, relationships, health, financial tips and great interviews with interesting women, a subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine has got the lot.


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Great magazine. Always manages to keep its very varied content up to the minute. Full of interesting features, covering all aspects of life.
This magazine subscription was a wonderful surprise gift from my husband. And I love it. It is so very special to receive a magazine every month, especially as we live in a country where the first language is not English. Fantastic! It is like going home every month! I cannot praise it enough.
Excellent magazine covers all the topics I'm interested in. Suitable for the more mature woman as well as my daughter who loves to read it when she visits home from London
I have brought this as a subscription for my mums mothers day present and she loves it
I am 44 years old and started to feel that the younger magazines I was reading were not really satisfying my needs. I came across Good Housekeeping at work and so glad I did! It is full of inspiring womens fashion for my age but not frumpy, household tips and cooking and basically had the content that I am interested in. I thought maybe it was too old for me but I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend it to modern 40somethings!
I bought this as a gift for a friend and she has been delighted. There is always plenty to either flick through or really read. From human interest to recipes - a good mix.
I am living in France and have the subscription sent here which is a real lifeline. I love Good Housekeeping as it covers so many topics, many of which I can relate to. It is also informative and I always learn so much from every issue. And if I am feeling down all I have to do is read Sandi Toksvig's column and I am smiling.
Takes ages to read, very absorbing, so much information & goo
A great magazine, with top tips on fashion, home, great recipes. I look forward to receiving my copy each month!
A great magazine, at a great price from isubscribe. Brought as a gift and received with appreciation.
I've been getting Good Housekeeping for many years. It gives me a feeling of security - I used to read my mother's copy 60 years ago - Semolina Silkpaws, and Wolf Mankiewitz! I just wish it featured more realistically priced clothes for the majority of people, who are on low to middle incomes, shop in ordinary high street shops, and can't afford designer labels.
I bought this as a gift for my 87 year old grandmother and she really likes it, perhaps not the type of magazine she'd buy herself but as she says, there are always some really interesting features.
Nice big glossy mag to browse through very well set out with a good variety of features and regular items, I am currently subscribing to this and look forward to receiving it every month. Recommended
I look forward to my Good Housekeeping issue each month. It covers a variety of issues - financial, health, food and much more. Then I pass it on to my mum who is also now an avid fan of the magazine. I will be subscribing for many more years to come.
I subscribed to Good Housekeeping as a birthday present for my wife. She loves it and it keeps her quiet for hours every month......
Look forward to receiving the magazine every month. Great recipes and helpful articles and ideas. Long may it continue.
Good variety of topics covered. Like the coverage Health issues and reviews of products, though I wish they would focus less on higher priced items and more mid to low end products. Love the cooking section. Some good menus, with clear details of prep time etc and caalories per serving. I have been taking this magazine for at least 10 years.
As a long-time ex-pat now living in the south of France, when I get my copy of Good Housekeeping in the post it is always an extra pleasure for the day, to add to the sun and the bright blue sky. I have alwaus enjoyed receiving it over nearly fifty years (whatever the climate wherever I might be)
The magazine is colourful, informative, trendy and covers a variety of very useful topics. I look forward to mine arriving each month.
great and reliable magazine. gives excellent reviews on consumer goods,good recipes and fashion features.
Emma Forbes
Emma Forbes loves Good Housekeeping

I love Good Housekeeping. You can get so many good ideas from the magazine and adapt what it says to your own style. And they always interview really interesting people. That’s the whole package for me and it’s always great to sit down with a copy.

Emma Forbes Radio and TV Presenter
Jessica Forrest
Jessica Forrest loves Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping has become a real favourite over the past couple of years, I must admit. I think as we get older, we all get a little more obsessed with homeware! Well, I do anyway! I can't wait to go home and stick the new plants I got into some old battered wellies. But seriously, I love it - so many ideas for the home. A great magazine.

Jessica Forrest Hollyoaks actress