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10 DIY Christmas decorations from Good Housekeeping!

Celebrate the magic of Christmas with Good Housekeeping's easy DIY decorations! These quick, beautiful, and meditative projects will transform your home into a festive wonderland. Get ready to deck the halls with love and creativity this festive season!

Whether you're into wreaths, ornaments, table settings, or mantel decor, Good Housekeeping has got you covered. Your home will soon be Christmas-ready with these charming, handmade decorations...

Get the Kids involved.

Lollypop stick wreath:
Start with a rounded foam wreath (Good Housekeeping suggests a 12" one). Paint about 50 small and 20 to 30 large lollypop sticks in three different shades of green before you start layering and hot gluing this adorable creation together. Finish it off with a beautiful red bow.

Snow globe:
Turn an old glass jar into a shimmering festive scene. Once you've cleaned the glass, fill it with bottle-brush trees and animal figurines. Glue down all elements with silicone glue, then spoon in glitter and/or fake snow. Fill the jar with distilled water, add a few drops of glycerin and stir. When you're content with your creation, glue on the lid.

Natural Tree Decorations.

Citrus decorations:
For a fun twist, consider making your very own garland out of dried citrus. Simply use twine, nylon thread or wire to assemble it.

Pinecone ornaments:
Using floral clippers, cut off the bottom half of a pinecone. After you make a few cuts, twist until the pinecone breaks. Hot glue the bottom of the pinecone to a round wooden disk, then glue a ribbon loop on the back for hanging.

DIY your Christmas countdown.

DIY Advent Calendar:
If you're not feeling traditional chocolate or toy advent calendars, make your own with paper tags and on-theme trinkets. That way, the whole family can join in on the fun.

Countdown lightbox:
For an eye-catching statement, place a light box underneath the tree to count down the days until Christmas.

Table scaping inspiration.

Personalised place settings:
Once you have your guest list, make a monogram napkin ring to place at every seat. Simply, twist and form a pipe cleaner to look like the letter of their first name, then secure it to a napkin ring in the same colour.

Get festive with felt:
Turn your dining room table into a forest of Christmas trees by placing a felt cut-out at every setting. Use this pattern to ensure that everything is uniform and the flatware slides through easily.


Bold interior features.

Doorframe garland:

Use multiple extra-large command hooks to drape lush garlands around a doorway. Ensure no hooks can be seen by layering in colourful ribbons and bows. 

Gold leaf on everything:

Add a glamorous touch to your decor by experimenting with gold leaf sheets. Apply gold leaf to actual dried leaves or faux leaves to upgrade a table setting, decorate a mantel or add to a garland.

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