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13 issues / 12 months
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13 issues / 12 months
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If you're passionate about getting out and about in the great British countryside, taking care of your garden or cooking and growing authentic produce, then this is the ideal magazine for you.

Featuring the best outdoor walks, exceptional photos and all of the latest news and recipes using homegrown food, a Countryfile magazine subscription is a fantastic resource to help you explore rural life from wherever you are in the country.

You'll find in-depth articles from the stars of the show including Julia Bradbury, Matt Baker and John Craven, as well as coverage of the most important issues facing the British countryside.


A Countryfile Magazine subscription is perfect for the country lover! If you love the Great British countryside, you’ll love Countryfile Magazine.

Countryfile Magazine is based on the smash hit prime-time BBC show, every issue features stunning photography and celebrates the very best in rural Britain.

From awe-inspiring landscapes to secret countryside locations Countryfile Magazine provide you with the ultimate guide to exploring Britain.

Discover new tastes as we serve up the best in local food and marvel at the wildlife spectaculars you’d never expect to find in the British Isles.

Countryfile Magazine also explains the biggest issues rocking the countryside, explaining how they affect us all, whether we live in town or country.

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Brings the outdoors indoors
Adam Henson
Adam Henson loves BBC Countryfile

Well I’m bound to say my favourite magazine is Countryfile, and I’m afraid I just have! But seriously, it’s a great title. It’s as much an insight into the workings of rural Britain (and beyond) as it is a fantastic resource for those looking to adventure and explore away from towns and cities. I love that mix, because that’s exactly what the countryside is – a mixture of work and play. That’s no different to our cities, I guess, but I get so much out of Countryfile magazine, so much inspiration – more than I would ever get from a city title like Time Out, I guess.

Adam Henson Presenter of Countryfile
Julia Bradbury
Julia Bradbury loves BBC Countryfile

I’ve always had a real passion for the outdoors and it’s never been suppressed. Countryfile magazine offers the best walks, the most beautiful imagery and the stories behind communities and practices tucked away in the dark corners of the countryside. In this country we’re so lucky to have so much variety in our landscape and I’d encourage anyone to pick up a copy, get out there and explore everything that’s on offer.

Julia Bradbury Presenter