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Ghoulish Halloween treats to tantalize your taste buds, from National Geographic Kids!

Unleash your creativity this Halloween, by whipping up a spine-tingling array of treats that are sure to delight kids. Try your hand at the terror-of witches' fingers Halloween recipe and concoct alien eggs with inspiration from National Geographic Kids Magazine. These eerie delights are bound to captivate young hearts.

How to make alien eggs!

Bamboozle your buddies with this out-of-this-world party snack…

Are you getting ready for spooky season? Or heading to a birthday party for a friend who’s fascinated by space? Then it’s time to make alien eggs! This egg-xcellent snack will terrify AND delight them…

What you’ll need…


- Hard-boiled eggs (cooled) 

- Teaspoon

- Ziplock bags

- Food colouring

Step 1 Make cracks in the shells of your hard-boiled eggs by hitting them firmly with a teaspoon on all sides. 


Step 2 Put each egg in a separate ziplock bag and sprinkle a few drops of food colouring on top. Then fasten the bags.


Step 3 Gently move the eggs around so the surface gets covered with food colouring. You’ll probably need to leave the eggs soaking in the colour for about 10 minutes. Pale colours may need longer. 


Step 4 Rinse off your eggs, then leave them to dry. Next, gently peel off the shell to reveal your alien egg patterns!


Step 5 Now gobble up your alien eggs. Don’t worry – they don’t taste as weird as they look! 



Terror-ific witches’ fingers Halloween recipe 

Freak out your friends with this spooky snack… Getting ready for a creep-tastic spooky season? Then you’ll love this wacky witches’ fingers Halloween recipe – gruesome digits in a gross green dip! They’re horrifyingly delicious… What you’ll need… 


- Carrots

- Peanut Butter or Soft Cheese 

- Flaked Almonds 

Dip of your choice


TOP TIP! This recipe involves some fiddly chopping using sharp knives, so make sure you ask an adult to help you out! 


Step 1 Pick four thinnish carrots to make your fingers, and a thicker one for the thumb. Chop off the stalk ends so that they’re roughly the length of your fingers. 


Step 2 Ask an adult to cut a shallow, flat notch at the tip of each carrot for the ‘fingernails’.


Step 3 Choose some fingernail-sized almonds and stick them in place using a dab of peanut butter or soft cheese. 


Step 4 Arrange your gruesome witches’ fingers & thumbs in a bowl of ‘gross’ guacamole or ‘horrible’ hummus! 


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