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The Big Interview: Meet The Editor of JUNO, Saffia Farr

This week we’re talking print, parenting and the perfect Mother’s Day gift with Saffia Farr, the Editor of JUNO, a magazine which promotes a natural approach to family life.

What is the best part of being the Editor of JUNO

The people I meet and the things I learn. As JUNO Editor I am introduced to so many fantastic people and ideas and initiatives and groups and books and projects…I have learnt so much. And it’s the enthusiasm and enterprise of those people and groups that we try to share in JUNO.

What is your advice for those who would like to take a more conscious approach to parenting? 

Just slow down! I think in the world at the moment we are just all dashing about too much. Great things happen when we slow down and concentrate on just being, with our children and ourselves. But that is so difficult because there is so much pressure on us to do so much, so many opportunities and options, and of course deadlines!

What are the challenges of being a magazine Editor? 

There is a lot of talk at the moment about “print” being dead but we don’t see that in JUNO. We create a beautiful and inspirational magazine that people want to buy and keep. Our challenge is to keep the core of JUNO alive while bringing in new initiatives to keep it fresh. But that is fun and creative so I never see it as a challenge.

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day?

It will be a bit different this year as we are on rugby tour with our sons’ junior teams, so I will be cheering them on from the side of a rugby pitch!

Why would a subscription to Juno make the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

I think JUNO is the perfect Mother’s Day gift because it offers support as well as entertainment. I know families love reading JUNO because it makes them feel part of a community, they learn new things and are inspired by the images and ideas we share. There is also a gorgeous bottle of Weleda Rose perfume as a subscription gift with this issue. It will come in a gift-wrapped presentation box, ready to give, so perfect all round I think!


Do you have any Spring cleaning rituals?

I don’t tend to have rituals but every now and then the inspiration takes me to clear out a drawer or tidy a space and I find that very satisfying. I also enjoy the first “spring clean” of the garden, cutting back the dead heads and making space for the new growth.

Tell us about your favourite way to relax once an issue is completed? 

There is not really time between issues because as each one goes to press we are already working on the next, but I do enjoy the ebb and flow of the cycle. It’s always satisfying to tidy away the work from the “old” issue and start on the new. A bit like a spring clean each time!

Do you believe that through raising our children we can contribute to the greater good?  

Yes, of course. We are raising the next generation. If we can raise them to be compassionate and kind, to think of their local and world community, to listen and negotiate with others rather than to fight, to take care of resources, the world will be a different place in time.

What can subscribers expect from future issues? Why subscribe? 

JUNO is a beautiful magazine, in look and content. We have an amazing community of contributors. What is so special is that our writers are sharing personal experience which makes it so powerful. There is so much to learn and think about, so many creative ways to live right now. Each issue is full of ideas, inspiration, beautiful photos and illustrations. There’s a lot packed in so it’s great value for money – and a subscription is the most cost effective way to read the magazine, with the bonus of a fantastic gift too.

 Delight and inspire your mum this Mother’s Day with a subscription to JUNO which comes with a free Weleda Rose Jardin de Vie fragrance

Images: JUNO 

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