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12 issues / 12 months
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12 issues / 12 months
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This leading magazine is regularly voted as the best men's magazine in the UK, and a subscription to GQ will provide you with a monthly guide to the most exciting topics and trends from around the globe.

There are regular interviews with the most authoritative figures from the world of business, together with updates on the most sought after up-and-coming designers. You'll stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, and get a sophisticated insight into everything from current affairs to politics, the latest movies to top consumer gadgets from the people in the know.


A Subscription to GQ provides its readers with the brightest, most authentic and quite simply the best men's magazine in the world. Whether it's fashion, sport, health, humour, politics or music you are after, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

GQ is wittier, more sophisticated and stylish than any other men's magazine on the market, featuring the most beautiful women in the world, the most authoritative figures and the most stylish men.

Whether it's getting Dennis Hopper to shoot Quentin Tarantino, interrogating David Miliband on life, love and leadership or asking U2's Bono for advice on headlines, GQ is your access-all-areas pass to corridors of power in Hollywood, Westminster and more.

GQ is the ultimate monthly men's lifestyle guide and is well ahead of the game when it comes fashion trends and grooming. While most men currently live in an age of casual jeans and t-shirts, GQ definitely proves that there is still room for elegance.

A subscription to GQ is a must-have for anyone who considers themselves a proper gentleman!

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A must.
I have read GQ in many different countries, and I find the balance of the UK edition to be by far the best. The German one is a bit chavtastic, while the US version is a little too much "I read it for the features". Well done on the balance, UK!
wonderfull haha
I get the UK edition air-freighted into Australia, it's that good. Interesting articles on a diverse range of topics, always entertaining. Yes, there are a lot of ads (true of every magazine), but then those advertising dollars pay for great staff writers. Five stars.
The magazine is very good, but I would like to see more high street and new/ upcoming brands fashion photoshoots/articles.
Great fashon,reviews and cutting edge articals, 5 stars
The magazine feels like it should be stuffed full of interesting articles when you pick it up, but it feels as though more than half is just adverts. Then there are huge sections on fashion which are probably only of interest to a minority of readers (£200 for a pre-torn T-shift anyone?) and the actually articles are a mixed bag, some are well written and interesting subjects and others are poorly written puff pieces. Perhaps it's more intelligent than the FHMs and Loadeds but it is also a lot more pretentious.
Great Magazine for all men who are into high fashion.
great clear articles.A wide range of topics to suit all tastes
Excellent Men's magazine, for both Straight and Gay. Good content on fashion and life.
Dizzee Rascal
Dizzee Rascal loves GQ

If I’m feeling extra stylish I’ll look for GQ. It’s got some slick shoots in there and I like to ensure I’m staying in good fashion shape.

Dizzee Rascal UK hip hop magnate
Craig David
Craig David loves GQ

I would say GQ is my favourite magazine. It has so much style and class to it and is always bang on trend. I particularly like to pick it up in the aftermath of the various fashion weeks because there is always a great mix between stylish and outrageous, and that’s exactly what fashion should stand for.

Craig David Musician
Grayson Perry
Grayson Perry loves GQ

You can tell everything you need to know about GQ from the cover itself. On some months, it’s a woman on the cover; on other months, a man. This isn’t really a magazine about gender – it is about ubiquitous style, glamour, sex even. That’s what I love about the magazine – it doesn’t draw boundaries, it just does what it does so well, with superb photographer and writers who are right on the pulse of the latest trends.

Grayson Perry Designer
George Lamb
George Lamb loves GQ

Style mags have always been important to me, even before I was appearing in them! Joking aside, it’s got to be GQ. I want to know how to look dapper and they’re the best in the business at what they do. They’re really slick, really on the money.

George Lamb Television Presenter
Tinchy Stryder
Tinchy Stryder loves GQ

As well as the fashion stuff, I like magazines that have great interviews. I like to really find out what makes other celebs tick. I pick up GQ quite a bit as well for that reason.

Tinchy Stryder R'n'B artist
Nicky Clarke
Nicky Clarke loves GQ

It has to be GQ. I’ve been buying it for years and there’s no other magazine in the market that gets anywhere near it. Intelligent debate, sensational style, great fashion – it’s the intelligent man’s read; all he needs to keep himself looking good and up to speed with the latest moves in entertainment, sport, politics and more.

Nicky Clarke Celebrity Hairdresser
Paddy McGuinness
Paddy McGuinness loves GQ

I’m 40 soon so it’s more important than ever that I don’t start dressing like someone who’s, well, 40. GQ is a great read – you’ve got to sometimes remember you don’t have the six pack that the model has, or you’ll end up buying a load of clothes that make you look like you’re 40 but trying to deny it. Instead, GQ helps you realise that getting older is actually pretty cool, and you can dress to your age. I like my stylish suits, and there are some great style ideas in the magazine.

Paddy McGuinness Comedian
Andrea Faustini
Andrea Faustini loves GQ

I do like GQ - I always read the Italian version. It presents itself as a fashion magazine, but those who read it will know that it’s actually about so much more than that. It’s true, you can find a little bit of everything in GQ. A little fashion, a little politics, a little sport. As a magazine for the modern man it positions itself perfectly, and if I had to sum it up in one word I’d just call it ‘interesting’. That may sound simple but isn’t that really all a magazine should be?

Andrea Faustini X-Factor singer
Ollie Proudlock
Ollie Proudlock loves GQ

GQ will always be the ultimate men’s mag – so many ideas, so many looks, so much style and quality.

Ollie Proudlock Actor/reality TV star
Ryan Follese
Ryan Follese loves GQ

I like the US version of GQ for men’s fashion. It’s exciting to see there is a UK version, an Australian version, and other variations. I don’t think there’s too much difference in quality though. For years I’ve always relied on GQ to tell me what’s coming out, what is and isn’t popular and what is being predicted across style, music, entertainment and more for the next season. GQ is about all I read on the road or in an airport. What else do you need?

Ryan Follese Lead singer of Hot Chelle Rae