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You'll find dozens of expertly written and well-researched financial articles in MoneyWeek magazine, with investment tips and critical analysis from some of the UK's foremost monetary gurus.

There's plenty of practical information to help you improve your personal finances, in addition to a number of useful how-to guides to help you with everything from picking the right mortgage deal to investing in a pension pot.

You’ll enjoy informative and easy-to-read pieces from award-winning writers, as well as share tips and price predictions, all presented in an attractive and engaging full colour format.


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A MoneyWeek magazine subscription gives you intelligent, easy-to-read commentary on the week's financial news, plus practical investment advice, all in a lively, colourful format.

MoneyWeek readers have already banked gains of 35%, 80% and 500% in the last 18 months.

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MoneyWeek is the must-read magazine for everyone who wants to protect and grow their wealth - and enjoy it.

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MoneyWeek tells you everything you need to be a successful investor - in both good times and bad.
"No other financial magazine informs and intrigues like MoneyWeek." Oliver Russ, Partner, Argonaut Capital
Every week MoneyWeek magazine brings you:
• 'Big picture' views and predictions. For example...what you should be doing now to protect yourself from the financial crisis... when you should buy into property again... what's next for oil, gold and commodities... which emerging markets give you the best opportunities to profit...
• Share tips - which specific shares to buy, sell, hold or avoid, including our 'Tip of the week', 'Turkey of the week' and 'Gamble of the week'.
"If you want to be informed, ahead of the pack and enhance capital, then you'd better read MoneyWeek." Jim Mellon, Chairman, Burnbrae Ltd.
• Expert views and recommendations from City professionals, including fund managers, economists, stockbrokers, small cap specialists, commodities traders? giving tips you won't hear anywhere else.
• The best investment opportunities in the UK and from around the world - whether stocks, bonds, funds or ETFs etc.
• The week's most important financial news, summarised and explained in an intelligent, enjoyable and thought-provoking way - and also bringing you different perspectives from newsletters and blogs you've probably never heard of.
• Practical tips on protecting your personal finances in the financial crisis - how to pay less tax, which mortgage deals could save you money, which pension mistakes to avoid, how to get discounts etc. • And much, much more...

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This has sorted what i am getting my Dad for Christmas! Now it saves him having to buy them in the shops!
Lembit Opik
Lembit Opik loves MoneyWeek

Most people know I try not to take myself too seriously, but I do like to keep an eye on what the money world is doing, and MoneyWeek does just that for me. It’s the biggest selling financial weekly and offers a nice mix of personal finance, business, shares, capital and growth advice. It’s informative and doesn’t discriminate depending on how many noughts you have on the end of a number in your bank account!

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