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Do you want to know what makes financial markets tick? Do you want to feel confident that you are saving enough for a comfortable retirement? Do you want to know why the UK housing market is so ridiculously expensive, or how and why a crisis like 2008 happened and could easily happen again? Do you want to understand what's going on in the world of money, and more importantly, how you can profit from it?

If so, then you need to read MoneyWeek magazine. Every week you'll get a comprehensive view of what's going on in the markets, our take on the biggest stories in politics and economics, and expert ideas on the hottest sectors and companies to invest in. There's also plenty of practical information on how to improve your own finances - from how to avoid getting ripped off by banks and financial services companies, to how to find the best home for your savings and the best rates on your mortgage.

We aim to be accessible without dumbing down. We'll cut through the financial and economic jargon and tell you everything you need to know in clear, accessible language - and we won't pull any punches in doing so.

There's a reason that we're Britain's best-selling financial magazine: this is the sort of information that everyone - from investment novices to experienced traders - can benefit from.

And the good news is that right now you can get your hands on your first 12 issues of MoneyWeek for just £12. We reckon that's an investment that will pay for itself over and over again, even if you just follow our advice on how to keep your investing costs down.

Sign up for your 12-issue trial now. Everyone needs to know how to protect and grow their wealth - particularly in today's environment of low interest rates and high political drama.

For just £12, you can try us out right now and if you decide MoneyWeek's not for you, you can just cancel at the end of the trial period. We're confident that you won't when you see what we can do for you.

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• 12 issues of our award-winning magazine for just £12 and delivered to your door every Friday. • Full and immediate access to and the MoneyWeek App. • Access to the magazine archive and our special reports on everything from inheritance tax to investing in gold. • Our daily investment email 'Money Morning': your daily guide to what matters in the markets.

MoneyWeek tells you everything you need to be a successful investor - in both good times and bad.

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This has sorted what i am getting my Dad for Christmas! Now it saves him having to buy them in the shops!
Lembit Opik
Lembit Opik loves MoneyWeek

Most people know I try not to take myself too seriously, but I do like to keep an eye on what the money world is doing, and MoneyWeek does just that for me. It’s the biggest selling financial weekly and offers a nice mix of personal finance, business, shares, capital and growth advice. It’s informative and doesn’t discriminate depending on how many noughts you have on the end of a number in your bank account!

Lembit Opik Politician