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Gift Guide: For Dads

Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to surprise your dad than with a magazine subscription that caters to his passions? If your father enjoys coarse fishing, delving into history, campervan adventures, antique collecting, or the classic motorcycle scene, we have the perfect magazine recommendations to make his day extra special. Read on to explore a handpicked selection of magazine subscriptions that will keep your dad engaged, entertained, and inspired throughout the year.

Improve your Coarse Fishing

Gifting your dad an "Improve your Coarse Fishing" magazine can be a thoughtful and meaningful present, especially if he enjoys coarse fishing. The magazine will provide your dad with valuable insights, tips, and techniques to improve his coarse fishing skills. It can cover various aspects, including bait selection, fishing strategies, equipment recommendations, and more. By reading the magazine, he can learn new methods and refine his existing techniques, leading to a more successful and enjoyable fishing experience.

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History Today

If your dad has an insatiable curiosity for history, "History Today" is the ideal magazine. Each issue is packed with in-depth features, scholarly articles, and expert analysis of historical events and personalities. From ancient civilizations to modern revolutions, this magazine will transport your father to different eras and keep his historical knowledge up to date.

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Does your dad have a passion for campervans and exploring the great outdoors? A subscription to "Campervan" is sure to ignite his wanderlust. This magazine offers travel guides, inspiring stories, campsite recommendations, and expert advice on campervan maintenance. Let your dad embark on exciting journeys from the comfort of his armchair or gather ideas for future road trips together.

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Antique Collecting

For the dad who appreciates the beauty of antiques and the thrill of collecting, "Antique Collecting" is a fantastic choice. This magazine explores various collecting niches, showcases remarkable antiques, provides tips on identifying genuine pieces, and offers insights into the fascinating world of auctions and fairs. Your dad will be inspired to expand his collection and learn about the history behind his favourite objects.

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The Classic Motorcycle 

If your father has a soft spot for vintage motorcycles, "The Classic Motorcycle" magazine will make his heart race. Delve into the rich heritage of iconic motorcycles, read restoration stories, learn about upcoming events, and stay up to date with the latest trends in the classic motorcycle scene. With this subscription, your dad can relive the golden era of motorcycling and indulge in his passion for two-wheeled treasures.

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A magazine subscription is the ideal gift that will keep on giving all year round! Browse our Father's day shop here to find the perfect magazine to gift on his special day!

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