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The perfect magazine for those with a passion for history in all its forms, History Today magazine covers everything from social and political to economic and military history.

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Covering all historical periods and themes, History Today is a visual and literary feast of well-written features, absorbing analysis and fascinating images.

The world's longest running history monthly, we help you make sense of the present by increasing your understanding of the past.

Written by leading scholars and researchers, History Today is a pleasurable read for everyone who has an interest in world history, giving insight, authority and rare illumination to today’s world

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by John
Written at a more professional level than some of the more populist magazines. much more informative
Dr David Sharkey

Dr David Sharkey


"What’s fascinating about history is that it moves with us, and whether you are into the monarchy, the Romans or more recent wars and conflicts, History Today always presents the facts. What I like about this magazine is that it doesn’t necessarily take sides – unless pretty much everyone else in war situations! It’s about an honest look at how a conflict developed and, ultimately, what the outcome was. Carefully written, it lifts the lid on the real components of what make us the people are today… our history, and the actions of our predecessors."