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Five Fabulous Tea-infused Weekend Bakes

Think tea is just for drinking? Think again. From crumbly Earl Grey cookies to delicate Jasmine macarons, there is a tea-based bake to satisfy all taste buds.

If you the bright zing of bergamot, then you probably enjoy the odd cup of Earl Grey tea. But why save those lovely leaves just for your tea pot when you can incorporate their gorgeous zesty flavour into any number of recipes? These Earl Grey Cookies are one such delectable treat. Crumbly and tasty with a delicate flavour, these yummy cookies are sure to brighten up the gloomiest day.

Lots of fruity baked treats are called ‘tea cakes’, but this usually refers to the ritual of serving said cakes as part of traditional afternoon tea. This lovely Fruity Tea Loaf by the One Pot Chef however, actually contains black brewed tea, which is lovingly infused with raisins to make them extra plump and juicy. Easy to make and delightfully moist, this loaf is ideal at teatime, or indeed, anytime.

Feeling stressed out? How about making some delicious Camomile Cupcakes, which are lovingly infused with Camomile tea for the ultimate mellowing afternoon treat. This charming recipe come courtesy of Baking with Elliott, and produces light and fragrant cakes with a subtle flavour. This particular method calls for the tea to be gently infused with the milk as part of the preparation, a technique that can be used to flavour any recipe with any variety of good quality tea. 

If you long for a yeasty treat which is both very bad and very very good for you, then Matcha Glazed and Filled doughnuts are probably your dream recipe. For those unfamiliar with Matcha, it’s essentially a green tea powder made from specially grown green tea which is then dried and ground. The high quality of the tea and fact that you ingest the entire leaf, make it very high in antioxidants, while it’s powder form make it very easy to incorporate into cakes, ice cream and these gorgeously glazed and filled doughnuts.

For those in the mood for something really fancy, it’s worth whipping up these Jasmine Green Tea Macarons. This recipe combines  the fabulous French fancies, with the equally exotic jasmine tea. Though technically more complex than some of the previous recipes, these delicate, delicious and sophisticated macarons are worth the effort and bound to impress even the most hard-to-please guest. C'est magnifique.

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