Will & Grace Return In Best way Possible

First full-length trailer for comeback show, and it’s not like anything we’ve ever seen before…

Always willing to push to boundaries with its risqué humour and progressive plotlines, we ought to not be surprised that hit American sitcom Will & Grace has gone full meta with highly anticipated comeback trailer.

The clip opens with actors Debra Messing and Eric McCormack leaving NBC Universal which produces and airs the show, following a meeting with the company’s chairman. While McCormack, who plays Will, is delighted by the prospect of the shows return, Messing, who plays Grace is not so sure, saying that she feels like ‘she’s done it’.

He then leads her to a darkened set, and begins lifting off dust sheets to reveal their old apartment, including the infamous dining table where much of the action took place, causing Messing to become emotional.

She reveals that she's ‘scared’ about resuming the series, McCormack responds: "How can you be scared? This is our home. There's nothing scary here".

At that point he pulls a dust-sheet from the sofa revealing Karen (Megan Mullally) who has been in a ten-year slumber, and Jack appears with a handsome, young gentleman, making their long-awaited return complete. Oh, and then there’s a full musical number at the end for good measure. Welcome back Will & Grace.

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 images: @therealdebramessing 


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