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This is the perfect magazine for fans of hearty British fare, with seasonal recipes and expert buying advice to help you track down the freshest local ingredients. Read more

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If you love celebrating the wealth and variety of British cuisine, then this is the best food and drink magazine for you.

This magazine is filled with new and delicious British dishes to get your taste buds tingling, helping to inspire you in the kitchen.

You'll discover new ways to prepare old favourites, as well as plenty of innovative seasonal recipes, all using 100% British ingredients.

Not only will you learn how to make great, ethically-sourced food with a Great British Food magazine subscription, but you’ll also get helpful pointers on how to kick the supermarket habit, with guides on the best farmers markets and delicatessens in the country.

From the publisher

Take out a subscription to Great British Food magazine, the publication that scans the length and breadth of the British Isles to unearth forgotten flavours and discover hidden gems. From rapeseed oil producers, to pork pie makers, and oyster dredgers to pig farmers – a subscription to Great British Food magazine brings our best food and drink to life each month.

Alongside interesting and informative features, interviews with top chefs, and showcases of the latest grub to hit the shops, every installment of a subscription to Great British Food magazine also includes a wealth of fantastic recipes designed to make the mouth water.

If you love eating, cooking and shopping for British food, then a subscription to Great British Food magazine is the ideal magazine for you!

by Kelly
A wonderful magazine which looks great and is full of recipes and features about the British food scene
by Emma
This is an interesting magazine,that uses ingredients which are in season.
Audley Harrison

Audley Harrison

Former Olympic boxing champion

"Since giving up boxing I’ve really got into food. I like to watch what I eat still but can now give myself the freedom of exploring so many flavours that I couldn’t when I was competing. There are some great magazines out there but personally I like the idea of exploring British food because I feel we have the most versatile cuisine in the world. Great British Food magazine, for its recipes, ideas, suggestions and techniques, would be my favourite."

Loyd Grossman

Loyd Grossman

TV Presenter and chef

"I think British cuisine is right up there with the very best tastes in the world, so having a magazine dedicated to everything British is really important. Great British Food uses overseas influences, as you would expect, but wraps recipes and ideas in a way always brings it back to the great flavours we have on these shores, whether that’s in appetisers, main courses or delicious desserts. It’s one to get the tastebuds racing."

Gizzi Erskine

Gizzi Erskine

Celebrity Chef

"I like Great British Food. I don’t think we’ll ever reach the bottom of the ideas pile when it comes to how you can work with food. Most of the time it’s just about reaching out and seeing what works. But that magazine has such great writers and ideas, and I love Great British Food’s edge that means it’s always celebrating and championing local and regional tastes and flavours. That’s so important these days, I feel."


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