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If you enjoyed watching a host of celebrities work their way though their own family trees, then this is the history magazine for you.

Follow in the footsteps of John Bishop, Alan Cumming, Annie Lennox and Sarah Jessica Parker, and inspire yourself to uncover your own fascinating genealogy.

Subscribe to Who do you think you are? magazine for expert advice on where to start your search, how to negotiate archives, and how to keep track of your research documents online, as well as unique features giving you an insight into the lives of some of the most interesting people in the country.


Trace your family's past and discover your roots with Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine.

The official companion to the successful BBC TV series, Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine delves in to the celebrities’ pasts, plus features military and social history, telling the stories of ordinary and extraordinary people and how they used to live.

Packed with practical advice, from getting started to expert tips, we show you how to get the most out of online resources and build your own family tree.

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Soooooooooo interesting. Really got me hooked on tracing my family history!
Alexander Armstrong
Alexander Armstrong loves Who do you think you are?

I learned so much from going on the Who Do You Think You Are programme and have retained a strong interest in my family tree. It’s one of those things that grabs you as soon as you start exploring it. And really you can carry on going further and further back forever – I wonder if the future generations of Armstrongs will be as interested in me?! Who Do You Think You Are magazine is a great read, and is really there to offer practical advice and inspiration for anyone looking to delve back in time. Importantly, there are some really feel-good stories - because doing this invariably leads people down a few dead ends before coming to the right answer – so it’s a great resource to aid anyone researching their family’s past.

Alexander Armstrong Comedian
Hugh Dennis
Hugh Dennis loves Who do you think you are?

I had a fantastic time researching my family tree and would recommend anyone else to do the same. While Who Do You Think You Are? magazine is only really an introduction to the various ways you can research those who came and went before you, it does offer so much interest and optimism, given that you can read others’ stories and really share in the sense of history that genealogy provides.

Hugh Dennis Comedian