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12 issues / 12 months
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The TV series has been providing astronomy lovers with an insightful look into space for the last 50 years, and this companion mag is a great way for you to get closer to the action.

Each issue includes features from the world's best astronomers and academic writers, as well as star charts, equipment reviews and easy-to-follow beginners' guides to catching a peek of what's out there from your very own telescope.

PLUS reviews on the latest books and equipment to help you get the best results on your next stargazing adventure.


Your practical guide to astronomy, helping you discover the night skies, understand the universe around us and learn exciting techniques for using your telescope. Whatever your level of knowledge, you’ll find something to enjoy in the night sky.

Each issue features columns by renowned experts such as Chris Lintott as well as in-depth cosmological features, practical observing tutorials, comprehensive equipment reviews, astrophotography masterclasses and much, much more. And with easy-to follow star charts and expert advice on how to get the most out of the observing month, Sky at Night Magazine is essential reading for both the novice and experienced astronomer. Inside every issue:

-Eye on the Sky: the month in amazing astronomy images including the latest from NASA and Hubble.

-Beginners Guide: easy-to-follow, step-by-step walkthrough of a particular topic

-Reviews: new telescope, accessories, book and software reviews

- Plus much more from the UK’s biggest and best astronomy magazine.

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Excellent star charts, always up to date on technological advancements, beautiful photographs
Jon Culshaw
Jon Culshaw loves BBC Sky at Night

My love of outer space has come to the fore recently through BBC Sky at Night magazine which is a terrific read for all those people like me who dream of going gravity-less yet will never get anywhere close. It unveils so many of the mysteries of space and plots a course around the skies in a way that no other magazine does. I still gaze at the skies in amazement, but my understanding of what’s going on up there isn’t quite as painfully basic as it was before.

Jon Culshaw Impressionist and Comedian
Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass loves BBC Sky at Night

I’ve been fascinated by the stars since I was a little kid and still read up on astronomy whenever I have some free time. BBC Sky At Night magazine obviously has a rich history going back to Patrick Moore and everything he did to really switch us on to what’s out there in the skies. It’s packed full of science, ideas of where to look in the skies, and helps build a really strong respect for what an incredible world it is out there.

Myleene Klass Model and broadcaster