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TES (Times Educational Supplement) is your weekly guide to what matters in education, combining cutting-edge news and features from award-winning journalists.

TES Digital Features:

We know how precious time is for teachers these days so that’s why we have designed the digital package to ensure that you can get all the benefits of TES membership wherever you are, on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can read all the award-winning magazine content via the TES Digital app as well as gaining access to our ever-growing CPD Library which offers titles including ‘How to Excel when being Observed’ and ‘Your Differentiation Master Class’. We’ll also help keep your career on track by providing you with the UK’s largest selection of education jobs every week.

  • A digital replica of TES magazine on desktop and mobile devices
  • Full access to TES online and via the TES app
  • Discounts off selected TES courses
  • Access 200,000 articles in the TES archive

  • TES Print & Digital Features:

    This combined pack is perfect for working teachers who still like having the printed magazine but want the flexibility to access our award-winning content anywhere, any time.

    You’ll receive support in every aspect of your career with weekly updates giving you the best in news, jobs, CPD material, teaching tips, pedagogical issues and much more. And you’ll be able to access all of this on your smartphone, tablet or computer as well as receiving your printed copy every Friday by first-class post.

    • A copy of TES delivered weekly by first-class post
    • Access to the TES app and TES online
    • 12 pages of CPD every week plus our online library of guides
    • Discounts off selected TES courses
    • Access to the UK’s largest selection of education jobs

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I used to buy it when I went shopping so didn't always get a copy. My subscription guarantees my copy arrives every Friday morning. It's a fantastic read and great value I'm really pleased with my subscription.