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If your kids can't wait for the new Jacqueline Wilson book then keep them happy with this great magazine, featuring all their favourite characters.
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For kids who endlessly re-read their Jacqueline Wilson books in between new releases, this magazine is the perfect bridge to her wonderful world. Each issue of The Official Jacqueline Wilson magazine has colourful illustrations, exciting craft ideas, extra info about the author herself and, of course, lots of fun facts about your child's favourite characters. There's loads of tips and advice to help your girls through life, including pocket guides to different aspects of friendship and socialising, plus shopping ideas, cool competitions and great games to play. Get your girls reading, writing and exploring a fantastic world of fiction with this great monthly magazine.


The Official Jacqueline Wilson magazine is perfect for girls who love reading and are aged 7 – 12.

The Official Jacqueline Wilson magazine is based on the award-winning author, her books and characters, and is full of fantastic features for the fanatic reader! Each issue you can look forward to ideas for fun stuff to make, exclusive sneak preview stories, drawing tips from Nick Sharratt, Jacky’s secrets and never before seen pictures, writing tips and advice and a letter from Jacqueline Wilson in every issue!

If that isn’t enough, you receive a free gift with every issue which you will love

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My daughter loves Jacqueline Wilson books. She thoroughly enjoys reading the magazine and the references to books she has read. On the whole, the activities in the magazine are well thought out and stimulate her imagination.
i love this magazine now i want to learn to write really good stories and become an author :-) LOVE IT!!!!!