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From the publisher

A Shout magazine subscription is perfect for the young teenager who wants to keep up to date with all the latest gossip, fashion and beauty trends. A Shout magazine subscription features the award winning teenage monthly magazine that is aimed at girls aged 11-14 who need to know everything! If they want the latest celebrity news, hottest fashion buys and beauty products, real-life stories, hilarious cringes and problem pages, Shout has it all!

Shout magazine is also packed with pop music, celebrities, flowcharts and make-up! Plus it also has unmissable true stories, life and health advice from the experts and embarrassing moments by Shout readers! Shout is also the only magazine, which offers a completely confidential and individual reply from its agony aunt. There’s even a brilliant free gift with every issue!Please note that publishers stipulate a 12 month minimum term for all Direct Debit orders.

by Ellie
Shout Mag is the best magazine ive ever read. I have recomended it to all of my friends so all m BFFs collect! :P
by abbie
Shout mag is one of the most up to date mag i have read, i simply love it, the lay out, love it. the text, love it. the gifts, love 'em. the mag LOVE IT.
by josie
I <3 shout maggs cuz they gifts are mint, and i also <3 celeb gossip the high street fashions are also mint
by judy
shout is the best mag i have eva read n i make sure i get a copy every time i get to the mall u know here in africa we dont get monthly issues n it hurts cz i don get tired rereading them again and again but its been long since i got a copy because nowadays its hard to get them and i feel so bad about it i love shout with all ma heart and i wish i could get monthly issues thouh its hard i luv it and anyone who contributes to it n am avin a huge crush on chris brown wish i got his shout!
by Hattie
I love SHOUT and i'm adicted to it, it's great!! The free things u get with it are F.A.B to!! My fav part has go to be the cringes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Bex
O.M.G SHOUT IS DA BEST. I used 2 read Mizz but SHOUT is much Betta. . .read it. I'd give it out of 4/5 i don't know why it needs more pressys.(Says my Friend.)
by beth
i think that this mag is great i am reading one now :)
by Bethany
I really love the shout magazine it is sooo cool but the only problem is i dont no how to apply for the embarrassing moments. :)
by Nimbus
Hi, I'm Nimbus and I read Shout! Because I love the 'True Stories' and I love the really funny Embarrasing Moments I sent on in last year and mine got printed! I LOVE SHOUT! SHOUT! SHOUT! LET IT ALL OUT! (COME ON SHOUT MAG!) THESE ARE THE THINGS WE ALL GOSSIP ABOUT! lol
by Meg
I have a subsciption to 'Shout' mag and, its absolutly GREAT I love reading it ALL and finding all the lastest tips and gossip! The gifts are fab and well, i just LOVE it!! <3 <3 <3
by lucy
i love the shout mags i have every single one of them i am the ultimate shout fan if i has to ra i love shout te them out off 100 i would give in 1000000000000
by Caitlin
Heeeey, i love shout magazine! it has all the gossip and latest stories, and also the fashion trends are sooo amazing!! i have treid the trends and my friends have loved every single one of them!!!! the embarrasing moments are soo funny i laugh until my sides are sore!
by boufi
this is the best magazine ever, i love it :D xxxxxx
by Hannah
i love shout mag i read it every night in bed before i go to sleep , i also love the free gives u all the goss about celebs , the newest fashion's and great make-up tips . i really love this fab mag and if u dont buy it get it (SERIOUSLY GET IT !!!) xxx
by sarah
i absolutly luurrve shout mag it helps u with prolems and stuff like tht has great posters of HOT guys (taylor launter) and gives me loads of advice on clothes i earn a fair amound of money and go shopping alot so im a real shopaholich love u to much xXxsarahxXx
by Asha
I absolutly love the shout mag! I've been reading it for years and even bought it when I went Cornwall or Brighton (Not were I actually live!) OBSESED WITH IT!! Asha xx
by carmel
Shout is a grat mag luv it !!
by keiligh
omg shout is really good but look at bliss its packed full of gossip for a low price .who ever works for shout pack it more
by Mattie
shout magazine is amazing!!! it tells you all the right things as a teen and gives you hints and tips for life!!! fantastic as a teen!!! it also tells you wat not to do in life
by Gaynor
i luv shout magaize it is the best magazine evaaa.xx
by megan
yea shout magazine is amazin tbh love it gets been great these pass few issues (L) it(: x
by erin
shout is amazing i cant pass a day without reading it as soon as a new issue comes out i get it and never regret it
by alice
great great love it
by jo
i think itd great 2 read love it xxx
by megann
shout is great i love reading them i will buy it next time
by abi
I love it, i love the true life stories, it is so scary to think that it happens, the embarissing stories are so funny.
by beth
i luurrv shout mag as it has great advice from celebs to problems and fashion to boys every girl shoud owm a shout magazine then u will b problem free...
by kathleen
Shout is the best for helping you with boy problems and fashion tips. it is the best get readind :)
by susie
shout is an amazing mag fr girls around 13 and is fun to read, contains all the latest gossip so you can keep up to date and also has tips for things in real life like boys and fashion. the problem pages are great too as they are always answered. i love shout - read it... NOW!!

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