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Coffee Shop Style Recipes

Forget paying over the odds for a fancy coffee, with good quality beans and a few simple ingredients you can make something wonderful, and very tasty, from the comfort of your home.

Classic Cappuccino – Using a stovetop espresso maker, pod machine or espresso machine, brew  two shots of espresso. Steam milk in a saucepan (be careful not to burn), then use a hand held frother to create foam, or place warm milk in a watertight jar and shake vigorously. Carefully pour milk into a cup, reserving the froth till last so it sit on top. Pour in espresso and sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Maple syrup latte – If you find coffee shop syrups too saccharine, try using maple syrup instead. Mix one to two teaspoons of grade A syrup with a double serving of espresso, and pour into a mug of lightly frothed warmed milk. For extra decadence beat double cream with a little syrup in to top, or just use regular spray cream with a  sprinkle of cinnamon.

White chocolate mocha – Heat milk gently in a sauce pan, remove from heat and add chopped white baking chocolate. Pour into a blender and whizz until chocolate is dissolved and milk is creamy. Pour into a mug and pour over a double espresso and top with whipped cream and white chocolate shavings. For an after dinner twist add a dash of peppermint essence to the milk.

Iced frappe – As this requires ice to be blended, you will need a high-powered blender to obtain that creamy, slushy consistency that makes coffee shop frappe so irresistible. Place two cups of ice, two of cold milk and a double shot of espresso into a blender (plus any sugars, syrups or flavourings) and blend thoroughly.

Vanilla Latte – A more natural version of the coffee house classic, this recipe requires you to gently heat the milk with a split vanilla pod and its seeds (plus sugar if required). Then turn off heat and let steep for a few minutes before straining. Froth milk and pour into mug, pour over espresso  and sprinkle with cinnamon.

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