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Say it with socks: Why socks make The perfect gift

They’re personal, practical, and super stylish… plus, a sock subscription is  the gift that keeps on giving.

You can never have enough socks. Nobody knows where they go of course (magic sock land?) but it is a well-known fact, that you will never ever have too many matching pairs, and there is nothing worse than being late for work because of a last minute sock-related meltdown. Nobody wants that for someone they love…

They are subtly stylish. Not all of us are lucky enough to work somewhere where literally anything goes sartorially, which is why a chic pair of foot warmers are ideal for those who need to wear a uniform or suit to work. Like a mini rebellion, they are a flash of joy and colour in a sea of grey flannel.

One size fits all (kinda). Okay, so you need to have a vague idea of your recipients foot size, but in general socks are an easy fit.

You can say a lot of with socks. Perhaps your beloved has a thing for cats, candy or abstract art. Maybe your mate loves to get out in nature or has a soft spot for geometric prints. The point is, whatever the fancy or fetish, there’s a pair of socks for that.

They are the best kind of surprise. When people think of receiving socks as a gift, they imagine fat six-packs of white or grey wool. But with socks having somewhat of a revolution over the past few years, you’re more likely to get a stylish and bold design made from a combed cotton blend, meaning they remain cosy without being bulky, and are super comfortable. Furthermore, a subscription means they get a brand new pair every month! What could be better than that?

Grab a Look Mate Subscription for someone you love today and give the gift of happy feet.  

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