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Eternal Youth: How to care for your skin at every age.

Over the years your skin will change, and so too should your beauty routine. Just making a few simple changes every decade will ensure you maintain that youthful glow for much longer.    

20s: Your skin is fresh, plump and loaded with collagen, so take care of it! As prevention is better than cure, this is the perfect age to begin taking anti-ageing measures, so use a light moisturiser with a broad SPF sun cream every single day (even in winter!), go easy on the harsh exfoliators and drink tons of water.

30s: This is the age to get serious about exfoliation. Help refine large pores and keep skin looking smooth by using an exfoliating acid (like glycolic, lactic, or salicylic) every other night, also invest in a good eye cream and load up on those antioxidants in your diet by eating berries and leafy veg.

40s: As oestrogen levels drop, so does your skin's moisture which means you'll need to invest in a hardworking moisturiser to keep it looking youthful. Choose one that has a high level of glycerine or hyaluronic acid to feed thirsty skin, and start using a weekly face mask with nourishing and hydrating properties. Another great tip is to massage skin deeply while cleansing to stimulate lymph glands and promote drainage.

50s: With the onset of menopause, collagen production can drop off sharply at this age, so it’s important to focus on hydration and nourishment. To retain moisture, you can skip your morning face wash (assuming you cleansed the night before) and invest in a really good antioxidant serum. An exfoliant containing retinoids can also help properly slough off skin cells.

60+: Your skin care regime needn’t change too much after this point, with a focus on hydrating, firming, and keeping discolouration at bay. It may become more sensitive so go easy on the harsh chemicals and choose cleansing oils and creams that are packed with nourishing and healing vitamins. In other words, show your skin the love it deserves.

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