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8 Legally Blonde Life Lessons

This week marks the 15th anniversary of the frivolous but empowering Legally Blonde! To celebrate the occasion, here’s 8 of the greatest life lessons Elle has taught us...

Although you probably don’t need an excuse to re-watch the chihauha-toting Elle take on Harvard Law School, this anniversary gives you the perfect reason! Reese Witherspoon and fans have been taking to Instagram to re-create all the best moments from the famous ‘bend and snap’ to the Elle’s bikini clad application video for Harvard...

1. Orange is not the new pink

Pink is a universal colour in its own right, and an everyday necessity in your wardrobe. People may say that orange is the new black, but it can never be the new pink.

2. Glasses do make you look more clever

Going to law school like Elle? Need to impress an intellectual friend or date? Or if you just want to feel really smart for a day, you can always rely on a trusty pair of lenses!

3. Fluffy pens are always cool

Remember those fluffy heart topped pink pens you cherished at school? Well if Elle can take one to Harvard Law School, you can take one to university, the office, or where ever else you're off to.

4. ‘Bend and snap’

The most celebrated (and dubious) lesson Elle teaches in Legally Blonde, that has a 98% success rate when used appropriately and safely. We all remember Paulette breaking the delivery man’s nose, so be careful when attempting the move!

5. Exercise gives you endorphins.

Elle believed that Brooke did not kill her deceased husband because she was a fitness instructor. Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. Of course, Elle was right.

6. Don’t let a sleaze bag ruin your career

Elle nearly gave up on her career after her sleazy teacher/boss made a move on her. Luckilly, her wise female professor (Holland Taylor) was on hand to offer Elle her own gem of wisdom... 

7. Don’t trust anyone with a perm

Just don’t, it's not worth the hair-ssle...

8. Believe in yourself

This is the most important lesson that Elle taught young women across the world. She continually believed in herself against all the odds. She didn’t let that creepy teacher, or stupid ex-boyfriend, stop her from achieving her dreams. She tackled law and life with her bubbly charisma, pink outfits, and trusty dog, Bruiser.

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Images from Instagram or Legally Blonde

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