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Top Tips for Home Improvement this Summer

Start improving your home in time for summer with these easy, modern techniques designed to bring a fashionable feel to any fading interior...

Aside from the occasional random snowstorm (!) the first signs of summer are beginning to approach our shores, we've compiled a list of some easy ways to improve your home interior to provide warmth and space, with a modern flourish, just in time for the good weather....

Pastels have returned as an easy way to bring a calming influence to a room. Light shades of pink, grey, green and blue work well together and mix easily with other patterns in a way that avoids clashing with other colours in the room.

Another colour to look out for is navy – it’s versatile, variable and a nice balance between male and female influences on your house, meaning it’ll be widely appreciated across the whole family.

Bring the outdoors indoors this summer, by teaming a hint of wood with some pot plants. Inject some life into your interiors with fresh foliage which can complement the new trend of utilising various leaf designs across you home to either add an exotic, tropical feel, or pay homage to the quintessential British garden.

Another classic to consider would be marble. It can be used in kitchens, bathroom and gives a chic, luxurious feel to your home. This year, top decorating firm Graham and Brown’s Wallpaper of the Year was a marble-effect, meaning you can now introduce the lavish feel of marble to your home at relatively little expense.

“Draw inspiration from the natural simplicity of marbling in stone,” says Paula Taylor of Graham & Brown, “Complement with metallic embellishment in gold hues for a glamorous, handcrafted aesthetic.”

Look to the East to provide a cultural flavour to your home. Incorporate patterns on tiles and rugs, or Eastern style floor cushions and Moroccan or Turkish rugs that not only provide warmth to your rooms, but also maximise available space in a fashionable manner.

Another modern trend centres on pairing modern colour schemes, such as bold colour blocking and pastel variations, with vintage elements. Think traditional furniture, tasselled upholstery and antique patterns in modern colours to provide a quirky interior twist.

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Instagram Images from @ideal_home_show

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