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Could yoga help prevent asthma attacks?

A new study shows that yoga could help prevent asthma attacks by relaxing muscles in airways and warding off the anxiety that causes them.

A team of researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, have collated the results of 15 trials from around the world involving more than 1,000 men and women with mild and moderate asthma. Author Dr Zuyao Yang said: “Findings suggest yoga may lead to small improvements in asthma quality of life and symptoms.”

With 5.5 million asthma sufferers, one in 12 adults, in the UK, the news that yoga could ease breathlessness and even lessen the regularity of attacks will be most welcome. The majority of the participants continued their usual medication alongside their yoga practise and researchers recommend sufferers use the exercise to compliment medication, saying: ‘Yoga could represent an additional option for people with asthma to relieve both physical and psychological studies.’

The benefits of the ancient eastern art have long been known, from helping reduce stress to aiding a restful nights sleep and now as a tool to ward of asthma, it appears a downward dog may be the best way to start the day.

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Images: @yogainspiration Instagram

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