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The Five Types of Gin Drinker Everyone Knows

From the guy who knows absolutely everything about every gin ever distilled, to the gal who just wants to dance, we’ve all met these brilliant imbibers of gin.

The Ginoisseur – You may not know your Tanqueray from your Old Tom, but this guy does. Obsessing over botanicals, the ginoisseur is familiar with every distillery worth its juniper berries, and has probably visited most of them as well. Despite becoming rather overzealous at times, this sophisticated sipper can always point in the right direction of your next favourite tipple.

The ‘I’ll drink any gin’ Drinker – This is the person who will basically drink anything so long as it has gin in it. Preferably, a large serving. The opposite of the ginoisseur, the ‘I’ll drink any gin’ drinker is happy to give even the most questionable concoctions a try at least once, making them a spirited and good natured boozing companion. 

The Cocktail Snob – Not a friend you ought to meet down your local spit and sawdust pub, this discerning drinker only likes their gin after it’s shaken and stirred with other delectable ingredients. Extroverted and happily experimental, the cocktail snob will always take you to the very best drinking  holes, provided you prefer your gin with an olive or two in it.

The Happy Ginker – The life and soul of the party, the ginker will always be the first up to dance once the liquor starts flowing. Much like the happy drunk, the happy ginker may not be jolliest person when sober, but after a gin and tonic or two you can be sure they make every night out memorable. Perfect as a wedding plus one.

The solo quaffer – Gin may be a fabulous social lubricant, but it is also an excellent choice for a night in spent watching telly on the sofa. The solo quaffer knows this, and tries to schedule at least one fortnightly date with the biggest bottle of gin they can find, accompanied with an abundance of spirit-soaking snacks and a decent boxset. This is the friend who will always be there for you after you’ve been dumped, offering you a shoulder to cry on and a generous goblet of G&T. Cheers.

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