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Major Food Firms Advise Weekly Product Limits

Major food companies Dolmio and Uncle Ben's are set to reveal new packaging that advises which products can be eaten 'everyday' and which should only be consumed 'occasionally'...

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away…and one Dolmio sauce a week does the same trick. After recent suggestions that the Government should impose food labels that dictate the relevant activity needed to shift the calories after consuming certain products, Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s have gone one step further, advising potential customers that some of their products should only be consumed once a week due to their high salt, sugar or fat content.

Mars Food, the company that owns both brands, have said that they will begin to label products ‘everyday’ and ‘occasional’, with 5% of products, including lasagne sauces, pesto and certain carbonara and macaroni oven kits, falling into the once-weekly category.

The ‘occasional’ products are set to be reformulated in the near future in order to bring down the amount of unhealthy ingredients, in order to comply with Mars Foods’ Health company-wide Health and Wellbeing Ambition to “create and promote healthier food choices.”

"Our nutrition criteria sets a very high standard for our products, and we also want to help our consumers understand the difference between 'everyday' and 'occasional' products within a balanced diet,” one of the global presidents of Mars, Fiona Dawson, said, “The food industry has already made great strides in reducing sodium, but we have more work to do to help consumers reduce sodium intake. We support release of the US FDA's draft sodium reduction guidance, because we believe it's important to begin a stakeholder dialogue about the role industry can play in this critical part of consumers' diets.”

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