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Help Support The Big Issue

Many organisations have been affected by Coronavirus. However, for The Big Issue their whole distribution system has had to be re-considered. How have The Big Issue transformed their business through this crucial time whilst continuing to help their streets vendors? And why is it important for us all to help?

The Big Issue is a weekly magazine sold by homeless people, or those at risk of homelessness, as a way to earn a living and help them out of poverty. However, as the government lockdown was introduced in March, The Big issue had no choice but to take vendors off the streets immediately.

A lot of our vendors have underlying health problems, so we knew that it wasn’t safe for them.” Said the Editor Paul McNamee

The Big Issue began a subscriptions campaign to help their 2,000 plus vendors through the crisis.

Initially the subscription was just a three month option as that’s how long the team believed the Coronavirus situation would continue, but a 6 month option has now been added.

By subscribing to a 3 or 6 month subscription through isubscribe today you can help The Big Issue and their vendors at this crucial time. All proceeds will go to The Big Issue!

Proceeds have helped to provide material necessities including supermarket vouchers, cooking equipment and pet food. As well as equally important emotional support through connection with services available such as universal credit, and telephone conversation to fill the missing daily interaction that vendors have with their customers.

As well as supporting vendors through subscriptions, The Big Issue are also taking donations, of which half of the proceeds support vendors and half goes to The Big Issue to continue their work. Want to make a one off donation? Here's how

The Big issue have also launched the 'Sell A Sub' campaign. Aiming to recruit an army of supporters to get more copies of the magazine out there. Fancy the challenge? Find out more here.

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