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Madonna’s Got A Brand New Toy (Boy)

58-year-old Popstar rumoured to be dating hunky Portuguese model 27-years her junior.

Following her divorce from Director Guy Ritchie almost a decade ago, Madonna has been having the time of her life dating a veritable buffet of handsome men, and her latest partner is no exception. The material girl has reportedly split from 26-year-old Aboubakar Soumahoro, and is now rumoured to be dating strapping Portuguese model Kevin Sampaio.

The 31-year-old already has many catwalk appearances and magazine covers under his belt, along with an enormous Instagram fanbase, regularly delighting his 28,000 followers with shots of his impeccable six-pack and toned physique.

The pair met in 2015 when she kissed him in the raunchy video for single I'm Madonna B****, which led to a solid friendship. But whether it has blossomed into true love remains to be seen, after all, Madge is well known for her Rebel Heart.

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Images: Instagram/Kevin Sampaio




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