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This monthly football magazine takes an in-depth look at the game's biggest issues and brightest stars.

Every edition is packed with opinion pieces from respected pundits and former professionals, as well as feature articles and interviews with the world's best players, who discuss everything from their relationship with their teammates to their pre-match superstitions.

With a subscription to FourFourTwo magazine, you'll be able to read the popular 'The Player' column every month, which gives you an insight into the things you don't normally get to see in the professional football world, such as alcohol abuse and other off-field misbehaviour, providing an interesting backdrop to the other talking points covered in the magazine.


Sign up for a subscription to FourFourTwo magazine, the glossy, stylish and provocative football magazine.

A FourFourTwo magazine subscription will bring you everything the magazine has to offer every month. Feature articles and superb action photography will keep you gripped for more than just the first half, and with big name interviews with the stars, from today, tomorrow and yesteryear, you will definitely need extra time to finish it!

Published by Haymarket, FourFourTwo magazine is a monthly magazine that has been running for 16 years so far. Taking its name from the football formation of the same name, which is considered to be a trustworthy formation in football, the magazine aims to echo this sentiment, providing consistent and trustworthy content.

Don’t miss out, catch all the action all season long and invest in a subscription to FourFourTwo magazine today!

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Well received gift. Loads of up to date info. Good value.
Excellent in depth football knowledge with good interviews.
Comprehensive British football coverage, with a surprising depth in its global analysis. A must read
Four Four Two is one of our most used magazines - it has a wide appeal for students of all ages.
Superb easily the best football mag about
Jeff Stelling
Jeff Stelling loves FourFourTwo

It’s an obvious answer, but FourFourTwo really is the best football magazine out there. It’s been going such a long time now and there’s something in there for supporters of clubs at all levels. Personally, as a Sky Sports presenter, it’s important to always be up to speed with news, stats, and bits of topical information. And although FourFourTwo is only monthly, it always contains insightful features. In my line of business you can never know too much!

Jeff Stelling Sky Sports presenter
Tim Wheeler
Tim Wheeler loves FourFourTwo

Living in north London for a decade is going to do a few things to you, and for me it was all about music and football. Arsenal have had some of the Premier League’s most charismatic and skilful players so I always migrated towards them, but I would say I am a fan of football overall, and will always pick up a good football magazine when I see one – perhaps something like FourFourTwo. It’s packed full of features and never takes itself too seriously.

Tim Wheeler Lead singer, Ash
Jack Wilshere
Jack Wilshere loves FourFourTwo

Most of the guys read football magazines, and FourFourTwo is still the best around. It’s got great interviews and some really cool features. It’s my favourite.

Jack Wilshere Arsenal and England footballer
Paddy McGuinness
Paddy McGuinness loves FourFourTwo

I’ve always been a magazine man as opposed to newspapers. I like something with a bit of substance, something that’s going to draw me in and inform me rather than frustrate me. A while ago someone bought me a subscription to FourFourTwo magazine. I like my football and am a big Bolton Wanderers fan, so any footy mag will do. But FourFourTwo takes a good look at the irreverent side of the game, and you can read everything from non-league to Champions League.

Paddy McGuinness Comedian
Jake Humphrey
Jake Humphrey loves FourFourTwo

I am madly into my sport and love spending a spare moment sitting down with a copy of FourFourTwo. It really pays to keep up to speed with everything that’s happening in the world of sport, whether you’re a TV presenter or not! What I love about FourFourTwo is the fact that whether you’re 13 or 30 you can get what you want out of it, be that the latest scores, great interviews or fantastic pictures.

Jake Humphrey BT Sport presenter
Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson loves FourFourTwo

I’ve read FourFourTwo since I was a kid. I’m a Doncaster Rovers fan and love reading about the club as much as I can. With FourFourTwo you’ll get a bit of Rovers, a bit of Arsenal, a bit of Real Madrid. It’s a great read and a magazine I always look forward to.

Louis Tomlinson Member of One Direction
Jeff Brazier
Jeff Brazier loves FourFourTwo

I’m a passionate Tottenham Hotspur fan but I won’t let my interest stop just at the mighty Spurs. As a football coach I know just how wide-ranging and popular the sport is with all ages, and it’s FourFourTwo’s grass roots feel that I really appreciate because I know what it’s like to get out there on a freezing cold Saturday morning to train a bunch of lads. Of course the magazine has interviews with those right at the top, but for me it’s as much about the lower level football, and there’s a genuine appreciation in the magazine for all levels of the game.

Jeff Brazier TV presenter and life coach
Jonny Brownlee
Jonny Brownlee loves FourFourTwo

I like the local newspapers to keep up with the latest football news. When I can’t get those I’ll usually pick up a copy of FourFourTwo to see if there’s anything on Leeds United in there. It’s a magazine that has stood the test of time despite TV and the internet. It’s got a good mix throughout the divisions and features some interesting stories from abroad as well.

Jonny Brownlee British Triathlon Runner