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Super Summer Running Tips

If the warm weather has got you in the mood for outdoor fitness, you will love these tips on how to maximise your running workout.

Go at the right time of day – Don’t get caught out in that midday sun as it will only hinder you. Instead, choose early mornings and dusk which are arguably the most beautiful parts of summer days anyway.

Hydrate and hydrate some more – That’s water before your run, possibly during and definitely after. Your body will thank you.

Wear the right gear – Forget the spandex. Make like you’re running in 1979 and choose loose vests and breathable shorts… and a sweatband if you really want to nail the look.

Make like Baz Luhrmann – Not by creating exuberant and hyperreal Hollywood films, but by wearing a good quality sunscreen, always.

Try precooling – You don’t want to start out sweaty, so try drinking ice cold drinks , having a cold shower or wearing an ice vest before you leave the house.

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