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Meet The Editor: Pete Muir

To celebrate the 100th issue of Cyclist magazine we spoke with the editor, Pete Muir on his love of bikes and what makes the magazine a success...

What is the best part of being editor to Cyclist magazine?
In a world of clickbait and two-second engagement, it's great to still be making something that people can indulge in, relax with and hold on to.

What bike do you ride?
My favourite bike (I own the minimum allowable four bikes) is the bike I built myself at a frame building course. It's a Columbus steel road bike that rides like a dream and which I love more than life itself.

Where is your favourite place to ride your bike and why?
The best place I've ridden is the Dolomites in northern Italy. Towering peaks, winding roads, classic climbs, and awash with the history of cycling. What more could anyone want?

What got you into cycling? 
A bad back. My dodgy discs meant I had to give up running, so I came to cycle fairly late in life, but have made up for lost time since.

Why subscribe to Cyclist magazine?
It has got the best stories, the most beautiful photography and the rides that should be on every cyclist's hit list. Who wouldn't want that to flop onto their doormat every four weeks?

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