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The Lynx Latest: Flaviu Continues to Foil Police

Flaviu is no normal lynx; having escaped Dartmoor Zoo, the cunning feline has managed to dramatically dodge tranquiliser darts, drones, helicopters, and 25 humane traps.

The two-year-old Carpathian Lynx went missing on Wedsnesday night or Thursday morning after digging its way out of its enclosure new enclosure –in true prison-break style. Only hours after he had arrived at his new home in Dartmoor, Flaviu had disappeared.

Local police have teamed up with Dartmoor Zoo volunteers to track down the big runaway cat, following fresh tracks, they believe that Flaviu is heading towards his old home in Kent. He had just been transferred from his birthplace at Port Lympne Wildlife Park in Kent, to Dartmoor zoo. Flaviu could have some unfinished business in Kent, a lady lynx, or a rival to deal with… Maybe he just doesn’t like his new den in Dartmoor? Or misses his mum? Evading capture for four days, Flaviu must have an important reason to complete his great escape.

Experts say that the lynx on the loose could be dangerous if cornered, and is around the size of a large domesticated cat. If anyone sees the cat on-the-run in a bar, dark alley, or Catmobile, divert your eyes, act natural, and quickly dial 999 quoting log 252 of July 7 2016.

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Images @DartmoorZoo

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