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Niall's New Song

One of the more subdued of the teen hearthrobs that were 1D, Niall Horan, has quietly released a new track entitled 'This Town'...

Former One Direction-er Niall Horan surprised fans yesterday by releasing his first solo track, entitled ‘This Town’.

Whilst some of his former bandmates have been busy vying with each other for magazine covers, the 23-year-old, who has recently left Simon Cowell’s Syco label to sign a deal with Capitol, has spent much of his time away playing golf, but found time to get into the studio and pen the new track.

The song, which finds Horan reminiscing about a childhood sweetheart, apparently has “a double meaning” according to the singer himself.

"If you're from a small town you'll know there's always one girl who, when you go back home, you always see them out and about in bars and stuff like that,” he told Radio 1’s Greg James. "The other meaning was about the town itself."

‘This Town’ – which was co-written with Jamie Scott, who also had a crucial role in penning some of 1D’s biggest tunes, including Story of My Life – has already topped the iTunes chart in more than 20 countries.

The new Niall Horan album is expected to be out next year, although the singer did admit that he “hasn’t finished it yet”.

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