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How To Bring The World To Your Child

From learning a language to appreciating different cultures, it’s valuable to prepare our little ones for a life of global adventure.

Learn about languages – Today’s modern world can feel very small sometimes, and it’s more important than ever to have at least a basic understanding of other languages. No one is saying you have to doggedly teach your child Chinese, but learning to say hello and thankyou in other languages, and seeing the different symbols that can be used plants the seed of curiosity in their minds.

Bring the world into your home – Kids have big imaginations, and buying them a globe or a map or watching documentaries set in other countries is almost as good as taking them to those places as it creates an awareness of the world at large.

Have fun with other cultures – Samba music, Japanese food, a trip to your local Polish supermarket or a day out at a museum or art gallery. These  are all exciting ways to experience the world.

Meet people from different places – Having your child interact early one with people from different cultures can make it less intimidating later. So be sure to surround them with an array of people and encourage questions and curiosity.

Travel as much as you can – even within the UK! For a child growing up in a rural area, even a trip to London is a cultural explosion. It’s more about cultivating a passion for travel and exploration than splashing out on far flung holidays.

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