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Five Hot New Trends in Wellness

Feeling sluggish after a choc-fuelled Easter? Get the glow again with these exciting new movements in health and beauty.

Clean Snacks – Modern life is fast-paced and there are certain moments of the day where we all need a little pick-me-up. The problem is, that highly processed sugary snacks, while often tempting, give you a quick boost followed by a crash… not to mention the unwanted calories. Fortunately, there are loads of super tasty treats on the market now which have no hidden ingredients – think dates, nuts, egg whites, berries, whey protein – low sugar, and high protein. Meaning you get a slow-release energy hit without the dreaded crash.

Breathwork – Meditation has hit the mainstream in the last few years, and as our dependence on technology increases it is thought we will turn more and more inward to find a little peace and clarity. A popular spiritual practice in the '70s and '80s, conscious  breathing activates the diaphragm which in turn stimulates the vagus nerve, and can transform the body from a sympathetic, anxious state to a parasympathetic relaxed one.

Both meditation and breathwork are valuable tools, but breathing techniques are easier to access on the go, and can be a faster more effective route to calmness.

Eco-friendly beauty – With microbeads ditched for good (thanks to their devastating impact on marine life) it seems more and more beauty brands will be utilising the mighty power of nature. And why not? Not only are natural plants and botanicals packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals, they often smell far nicer than their synthetic counterparts, and contain less chemical nasties. What’s not to love?  

Gut good guys  – Feeling sluggish, like, all the time? Your gut health might just be to blame. But while much of the science of gut health has previously focused on probiotics and maintaining the balance of good and bad bacteria living in the digestive tract, new research has shown that we may also need to pay a little to beneficial role that gut fungi can play. So expect to see probiotics with added fungi or prebiotics fibre. Plus a rise in diets containing the likes of chicory root, apples, and Jerusalem artichokes.

Sleep optimisation – Possibly the best news of all, is that sleep is officially in fashion. In the past it was considered that the most successful among us were so because they worked 16-hour days and slept for 4-6 hours every night, but todays go-getters insist that sleep is actually their secret weapon.  Poor snoozing habits can cause weight gain, anxiety, and out-of-whack hormones, so invest in a good mattress, spray a little lavender on your pillow, and take a deep, long breathe…

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