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Here’s What You’ll Be Eating In 2017

From Raw Fish Salad to ‘Freakshakes’ these are the trends set to take our palates by storm...

Cold Pressed Watermelon Juice

If we go by that old adage of ‘If it’s good enough for Beyoncé then it’s good enough for me,’ then WTRMLN WTR – which Queen Bey bought shares in this year - is set to be THE beverage of 2017. Like ‘sticking a straw in a melon,’ it’s simply pressed watermelon flesh with a squeeze of lemon to preserve.

Savoury Yoghurt

Smooth and creamy just like regular yoghurt but flavoured with veg for a savoury, subtle tang. The brainchild of American restaurant and dairy Blue Hill, the yoghurts come in four varieties: carrot, beetroot, squash and tomato. Comparisons are being made to sour cream, but in their glass pots and vibrant colours they look deceptively fruity. Get set for a brain conundrum.

Image: Blue Hill Yogurt

Hawaiian Poke

Polynesian food is having a moment stateside, so it’s a matter of time before we’re chowing down on this healthy, sunny fare. Pronounced ‘POH-keh’ it is essentially a raw fish salad. Often served on a bed of rice, bright fresh chunks of either tuna or salmon are marinated with lime, soy and sesame alongside salad and avocado.

Image: Ahi Poke London


With an abundance of super healthy food stuffs set to hit our shores it makes sense that when we do indulge it will be in style! Welcome to the Freakshake. Invented by those naughty Aussies, it’s basically a milkshake-dessert mash up. Served in jars, a regular milkshake is then piled high with whipped cream, sauce, marshmallows, waffles, cakes and the kitchen sink. Pure heart attack heaven.

Image: Molly Bakes

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