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Five Rum Cocktails That Will Make Your Weekend PLUS Rumbunctious Cabin Boy unboxing Video

Summer may not quite be here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t kick back with a rum-based cocktail or five and pretend…

Starting off with the quintessential holiday cocktail, the Piña Colada is probably the most satisfying, creamiest and luxurious spiked drink there is. Now you could just buy a pre-mixed base to add your rum to, or you could dig out your blender from the back of the cupboard and do things properly. Just combine ice, 60ml light rum, 60ml pineapple juice and 40ml of coconut cream to your blender. Blitz and pour into a glass adorned with a maraschino cherry. Totally tropical.

 If you’ve not got a sweet tooth, then you will likely love the punchy lime-kick of a Rum Caipirinha which is a rummy twist on the national drink of Brazil. All you need to do is cut half a lime into wedges and muddle with brown sugar in the bottom of a short glass. Add ice and 60ml of spiced rum and stir for a taste bud sensation.

For something a little spicier, it has to be the Dark and Stormy which has the rich sweetness of ginger beer combines with the caramelly kick of dark rum. Just add ice, 60ml of dark rum and a dash of lime juice to a tall glass, before topping up with ginger beer.

In the mood for a sophisticated classic? How about the chintzy-named Cable Car? Prepare a cocktail shaker with ice before adding 40ml spiced rum, 30ml lemon juice, 20ml Curaçao and a dash of sugar syrup. Shake well, pour into martini glass and pretend you’re at a 1950s cocktail party.

It’s a well-known fact that Ernest Hemingway LOVED Daiquiris. So it was only right that in 1921 Constantino Ribailagua, of El Floridita in Havana, created this variation in honour of their rum-loving patron. You can make the Hemingway Daiquiri blended with ice or straight in a shaker… it’s a matter of taste, but to make it really sing it is worth using fresh grapefruit juice. So take 60ml of white rum, 10ml of maraschino liqueur, 20ml grapefruit juice, 15ml lime juice and a dash of sugar and mix, for an authentic taste of Cuba.

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** Here's what the box contains: 70cl Cloven Hoff Spiced Rum, 1 packet of Samai Plantain chips, 1 carton of Sun Exotic Pineapple and coconut juice, 3.5ml Angostura bitters, 150ml can of Schweppes Ginger Ale, a lime, 2 Rumbunctious stickers, 3 Cloven Hoof beer mats, Devil's Mule instructions and Cloven Hoof description card **






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