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Eat to Beat Fatigue PLUS Lifebox Classic Unboxing Video

Afternoon slump getting your down? Here’s how to avoid it altogether…

DO eat a good breakfast. By loading with a protein-rich breakfast, you will avoid mid-morning crashes. So indulge in that omelette, or granola with yogurt.

DON’T overdo the caffeine. One or two cups is fine, but more than that will stress your system and lead to more fatigue.

DO eat between meals, provided you choose ‘good snacks’ such as nuts, protein balls, or veggie sticks with humus as they release energy slowly.

DON’T starve yourself. Hunger leads to low blood sugar, which will make you crave carbs and sugar. So listen to your body, and eat when you need to.

DO have a protein and veggie-packed lunch.  A huge bowl of pasta is always going to make you sleepy, so choose something light but satisfying like a chicken and veggie wrap or tuna salad.

DON’T eat that afternoon biscuit. Refined treats are loaded with sugar and will only lead to another slump. Instead, sate your cravings with a mug of green tea and a square or two of dark chocolate.

DO enjoy your evening meal. But rather that eat in front of the TV, take the time to enjoy your dinner and eat it slowly. Even drink in a small glass of wine if it suits you!

DON’T overindulge too late. Whether beer or ice cream or crisps, treats too late will cause your blood sugar to drop in the night, leading to poor sleep and exhaustion the next day. Equally, don’t get to bed hungry, and have instead a small healthy snack or mug of warm milk.

Beat fatigue for good with a Lifebox Energy subscription, and if you enjoyed our Lifebox Classic video, subscribe here.

Here are the products it contains:

1 x Adam's Organic cold-pressed chocolate bar

1 x Dhikari modern bombay mix

2 x Fitbites protein balls

1 x Joe's Tea feisty turmeric guru teabag

1 x Linwoods Active Nuts

1 x Linwoods snackettes

1 x Natural Deodorant Co deodorant balm travel 15ml

1 x Purition vegan protein powder

1 x Raw Halo pure dark artisan raw chocolate bar

1 x Rejuvenation Water enriched spring water

1 x Rhythm 108 almond biscotti sharing bag

1 x Rubies in the Rubble chipotle mayo

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