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Super Sock Facts

Ten things you didn’t know you needed to know about socks.

  1. Socks and sandals were once cool. The oldest socks were discovered near the River Nile in Egypt. They date between 250 and 420 CE, are made of wool and boast a split toe suggesting it was once OK to commit on of fashion’s biggest faux pas.
  2. The ornamental pattern woven in silk on the side of a sock is called a clock.
  3. Queen Elizabeth wasn’t sold on socks. After inventing his revolutionary stocking frame machine, William Lee was keen to wow her majesty with his woollen confections, but the fussy monarch was adamant that she preferred silk stockings.
  4. Until 2013, standard Russian military uniform used foot cloths instead of socks.
  5. The ancient Greeks were partial to furry socks. Early socks in ancient Greece were made from matted animal far, and while the fabric choice hasn’t stuck, the name has - the modern word “sock” probably came from the ancient Greek word “sykkos,” a thin shoe worn with sandals.
  6. Socks wick away approximately half a pint of sweat a day from your body.
  7. Socks didn’t become fashionable until after 1000CE.
  8. And even then they were a status symbol. Due to their intricate weaving process, socks were a status symbol, with only lords and kings flaunting their wealth by showing off their fancy knee-high footwear.
  9. According to a survey, 76 million socks are lost in the UK every year.
  10. People who wear crazy socks are rebellious, intriguing and successful… apparently.


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