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BBC Food Online Recipes to get the Chop?

The BBC has announced plans to shelve much of the 'soft' content on its website - including travel info, magazine-style features, and, most shocking of all, the 11,000+ recipes that sit in the BBC Food library...

The BBC has revealed plans to drastically scale back the its website, after pressure from government ministers to do so, by completely removing so-called soft news sections such as magazine features, recipes and travel advice. It follows the relocation of BBC 3, the organisation's most creative, quirky TV channel, to online only.

The website will in future apparently focus on video content and core news services.

"I often type the name of two or three ingredients in my fridge into a search engine with the word 'recipe' in a sort of edible version of Cluedo and BBC Food always comes up first with reliable ideas," wrote Loius Ridley of the Huffington Post UK.

"The sheer scale of the site is what makes it wonderful. If you search for 'roast chicken' in the site you get over 500 recipes," Ridley continues, "There are 47 pasta salad recipes, and seven banoffee pies. (And what other website offers a side bar showing you things "also made with whipping cream" or "also made with dark chocolate" when you visit a banoffee pie recipe?)"

This online row back amounts to a significant reversal in policy for the public service broadcaster with director general Lord Hall of Birkenhead acknowledging that the website ‘cannot be all things to all people’.

The news comes just after the announcement of the government's new White Paper, which details the changes, and just before the Royal Charter, which assesses the size of the BBC over the next decade or so.

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Instagram Image from @bbcgoodfood


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