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Is this the Worst Tattoo on the Web?

Is this superhero-inspired tat intricate artwork? Or just a mutated mistake?

It’s gained over 2000 likes on Instagram, but one man’s Spiderman-inspired inking has divided opinion across the web. In an apparent homage to everyone’s favourite web-slinger’s evil alter ego Venom, the tat in question covers the entirety of its incumbent’s hand.

The eventual finished piece is likely to extend up the entire arm, covering up a couple of past inkings deemed surplus to requirements, but this tat is one that will be hard to cover up! Love it or hate it, you have to admire the time and effort gone into realising such a unique creation.

The black Spiderman costume was first seen in comic form around 1984, and went on to be a crucial part of villain Venom’s initial development as Peter Parker’s arch antagonist – it’s unknown whether this terrific or terrible tattoo is just the first step in along the road to a life of supervillain-dom.

If you're thinking of replicating this mystery man's superhero skin on your own body, grab a subscription to Inked magazine.

Instagram image from danny_tattooart

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