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How To Wear Socks In Summer

Avoid stinky shoes and show some fashion flair by rocking socks this summer.

Don’t fear the crop – What’s the point of wearing sassy socks if you can’t show them off? Turn up your jeans, bust out those shorts, or even invest in a pair of cropped chinos.

Go bold – Black, navy and grey socks are not really the way to go as the weather heats up. The point of wearing socks in the summer is that it is a statement in itself, so if anything, tone down you outfit and brighten your footwear.

Embrace colour clash – Navy shorts with navy socks is going to look a bit school uniform, so mix it up! Dark clothing suits bolder, neon colours, while lighter fabric looks good with your subtler shades and prints, whereas denim, goes with absolutely everything.

Choose lighter fabric – Heavy wool socks are a no-no, so choose a good quality, cotton-rich blend in a light weave. Also, throw out any shabby socks with holes in to maximise your sock game. 

Own it – Rocking socks in summer is all about confidence. So keep your head up, put your best foot forward and be safe in the knowledge that no one has feet as fancy as yours.


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