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Rick Astley Rises Again to Top Album Chart

Rick Astley grabs first number one in almost 30 years with soulful album 50

When it was announced a few months back that Rick Astley was to be making a comeback there were no doubt few eye rolls and jokes about Astley, now 50, still being able to pull off those dance moves. But when the soul anthem Keep Singing hit the airwaves it was clear the Never Gonna Give You Up singer had something a bit special up his sleeve, and with the album 50 landing straight at number one, Astley’s comeback was complete.

"It's amazing, it's incredible," said Astley. "It's been a very, very, very long time." It seemed uncertain whether 50 would land the number one spot after a week of battling it out with Tom Odell’s latest album Wrong Crowd, but it was announced on Sunday that Astley had outsold Odell by 3,700 copies. "I like Tom Odell," Astley said. "I bought his last album, and I'm going to buy this one as well, but I've held off from buying it this week!" The Official Charts Company showed that Astley actually sold more physical CD’s in comparison to Odell who secured more units through digital sales and streams.

It’s fair to say that the music landscape has changed quite significantly since the star found fame as part of the Stock, Aitken and Waterman hit factory, but the success of 50, which Astley funded himself and is packed with big, soulful pop songs, is proof that good music will always find its audience.

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