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Bowie Stamps Sent To Space and Back

The Stamps Who Fell to Earth celebrate the life and career of the incredible David Bowie in a unique astronomical way…

David Bowie stamps were always going to look good, but to truly celebrate the musical legend’s life and career, the Royal Mail decided to do something literally out of this world.  The 52 commemorative stamps, created specially by the Royal Mint, are to represent each of the 52 years of Bowie’s recording career, and feature some of his most iconic record sleeves and album covers.

They are enclosed within helium balloons which, after floating way up to the edge of space, will burst, allowing the stamps to float back down, honouring Bowie’s film appearance in The Man Who Fell To Earth.

The initial flight into the stratosphere reached a height of around 34,100m, before the balloons burst and the stamps began to descend at speeds reaching up to 200mph, before slowing to approximately 8mph by the time they reach the ground. Fans who are able to successfully chart the stamps’ path and mark where it landed on the Royal Mail’s website will be entered into a competition to win one of the limited edition first day covers – for everyone else, the Bowie stamp set will be also be on sale.

The Royal Mail will also be providing clues as to the space oddity stamps’ location on Facebook and Twitter. You have until March 26 to submit your entry, and the winners will be announced in April.

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Images from @royalmailgroup / @The_RSPL

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