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How To Celebrate Science Education Day With Your Child

Today is all about helping your child embrace the joy of science; in other words, making learning fun. Sound impossible? Read on…

Have a day trip to a local museum, aquarium or zoo - The beauty of science is that it’s everywhere, particularly in the natural world. So, discover an invention, marvel at a jellyfish and listen to a lion roar.

Try an experiment at home -
Make bubbles, line up dominoes or even create some slime. It’s all science!

Get science delivered to your door -
The Jumbo Curiosity Box is like a super cool science club in a box. Themes include BANG!, atomic, ultimate survival, seaside science and cells, are all neatly packaged and delivered to your little learner in the shape of fun science experiments. All from just £19.57 per month!

Discover a science hero – Isaac Newton, Marie Curie and Thomas Edison are just a few of the scientific pioneers who have helped humanity reach these giddy heights of sophistication, but there are many more waiting to be discovered.

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