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Six Inspirational Collage Artists You Should Follow On Instagram

Pining for a dose of cut-out creativity? Here's iSubscribe's guide to Instagram's most creative collage artists... 


Karen Lynch is the Australian based artist behind Leaf and Petal Vintage collage. She uses vintage magazines, catalogues and books found in thrift shops and markets to create retro futuristic works with a surreal twist. Using the traditional collage method of scissors and glue, her art truly is an inspiration to any amateur collagists out there.

Karen often places two completely different images and spaces together in one work to create an impossible landscape illusion. Her collages are playful and rich visual stories


Hagar Vardimon (@happyredfish) is an Amsterdam based artist. She uses brightly coloured circular cut out dots in her collages to create interesting compositions, often placing them on contrasting black and white photographs. Her fun work has been displayed in galleries in New York, California, and many galleries across Europe.


Adam Hale aka The Daily Splice is a collagist living in London. After moving to London, Adam found that he was bombarded with free magazines on a daily bases, so instead of wasting it, he decided to give this London literature a new lease of life! He re-uses images from magazine stories on his simple beachy-beige backgrounds to create thought-provoking artistic works. As his collage collection kept on growing, Adam decided to create The Daily Splice in 2015 as a way for him to share his work.


Rosanna Webster creates her stunning collages from fashion magazines like Vogue. Her pieces are built up with smooth curved layers of coloured paper creating a sophisticated finish. She tends to focus on singular figures surrounded or adorned with layered pastel patterns.


Joe Cruz is not a collagist in the strict sense, he doesn’t cut and paste layers of finely cut paper, but instead colours photographs. He works up images using bright pastels, taking found imagery and re-appropriating it. His work deals with topics of sexuality, gender and beauty. He has a brilliant eye for remixing black and white photographs with glorious flashes of colour. His sweetly surreal posters are incredibly popular, and his clients include The Sunday Times Magazine.


Claire Oswalt is another mixed-medium collagist.  She’s an Austin based artist whose work spans various disciplines – drawing, painting, and sculpture.  After two years of designing textiles with a fellow artist her minimal, watercolor collages show the influence of simple textile prints. Her compositions are dynamic and static with curved and linear forms. Each work is a harmonious and subtly coloured collage inspiration! Claire’s work has been shown in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Austin, and Marfa, Texas. 


For an incredible collection of talented collage artists follow The BCC, a collective of collage artists from Brooklyn. Founded by the brilliant artists Jesse Lappinand and Lizzie Gill in 2013, the group has been steadily growing ever since. The collective collaborates on exhibitions, live collaging events, and education in order to explore how we define collage.

For collage tips and inspiration subscribe to Crafts Beautiful, or check out our very own crafty blog for 5 brilliant uses for those old magazines.

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