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For a weekly dose of the hottest high street trends, red carpet glamour and A-list news and gossip, Grazia magazine is the one to read. Read more

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Offering a fab mix of high-end and high street fashion, Grazia is a weekly must-read for women who want to stay on top of the latest trends and street style.

With a subscription to Grazia magazine you'll read about all the hottest A-list celebrity gossip, with plenty of coverage from glamorous red carpet events. 

You can create your own celebrity-inspired look with help from the hair and beauty sections, and be ready to debate today's hot topics with features on important issues and headlines affecting women globally.

In each issue you'll also find reviews of the latest film and book releases, keeping entertainment as well as fashion covered.

From the publisher

Get a subscription to Grazia magazine, for fashion as it happens.

Be the first with all the front page stories, stunning designer fashion, fantastic shopping, hot gossip and much more with a subscription to Grazia magazine delivered to your door every week!

by Annah
I'm trying to be an older and more mature woman these days, but still love my gossip magazines. At least with Grazia I feel it gossip for grown-ups!
by Katie
I really love this magazine. The Grazia website is really great too but its not quite the same as having a real magazine in hand!
by Louise
A great weekly magazine. I love keeping up with all the celebrity gossip
by Linda
cant wait for it to be delivered
by anonymous
Love this magazine! Thoroughly recommend! Great fashion, good gossip, touching stories and all at a reasonable price.
by Sarah
I love Grazia. It is jam packed full of interesting and varied features. I look forward to receiving it every week!
by anonymous
by Paula
Fantastic weekly magazine, lots of celebrity news but also real life stories. Great fashion tips. A fab all rounder. I have to battle with my teenage daughters to be able to read when arrives through the door on a weekly basis!!!!
by Sandra
Grazia is great, from expensive designer to fashionable but affordable, celebrity gossip to real people drama. All in one great read at an even greater price. I love it.
by naghmeh
its very good
by Sue
I love Grazia! Thak-you for giving me such a wonderful glossy to read each week. Sue, Ireland
by Tina
Ireally rate this magazine and purchase it every week and make all my friends buy it too however i am disapointed that your offers do not apply to readers in southern Ireland which is where i reside.
Nicki Chapman

Nicki Chapman

TV presenter

"A while ago someone gave me Grazia as a present and I’ve picked it up weekly ever since. I love the mix of features, interviews and fashion, and am amazed at the writers’ ability to always come up with original stories, with perhaps a bit of gossip thrown in for good measure!"

Cheska Hull

Cheska Hull

Star of Made In Chelsea

"Grazia is the only glossy magazine I’ll read. It’s unbeatable for what it offers, and is undoubtedly the title to be seen with about town!"

Jo Hemmings

Jo Hemmings

Psychologist and TV sex expert

"What magazine does an agony aunt read? I’m afraid it has to be something like Grazia. The reason? Well, many people can relate their own problems to those of celebrities, so by that logic to stay up to speed with what’s going on in the celebrity world is to stay up to speed with many of the same problems that affect everyday people. We’re really not all that different! Grazia particularly has just the best blend of bang up-to-date fashion and beauty trends with thought provoking stories."


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