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If you like rock music, then you'll love Classic Rock magazine, bringing you behind the scenes news and real life stories from some of the music industries greatest legends. Read more

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The world's most revered and respected hard rock magazine, every month Classic Rock magazine goes behind the scenes to bring the real stories behind rock legends from Led Zeppelin to Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath to Pink Floyd and far beyond. Written by the world's leading rock experts and featuring rock's most renowned photographers, Classic Rock unearths the reality from the myths and brings you the latest in 21st century rock.

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by Colin
Yeah Awesome mag.... I agree Voodoo Johnson are just fantastic!
by Helen
Great mag and an amazing way to find new music. Found Voodoo Johnson this month which are amazing! Helen Liverpool
by Michael
I live in the United States and subscribe to Classic Rock because it is head and shoulders the best rock music periodical available. Classic Rock has introduced me to so many new and current bands cut from the classic 60's and 70's rock mold. Then the features are fantastic with bands like Thin Lizzy, UFO, The Who, Stones, Wishbone Ash etc.. I have insisted to several of my friends they NEED this magazine...all have thanked me later. Do yourself a favour and get it regularly.
Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Lead singer of AC/DC

"I’ve been with AC/DC for over three decades now, and when you get to my age you do begin to become a bit sentimental about the music of the past. I guess that’s why I love that classic rock genre, and subsequently, the magazine as well. It reminds me of those great days when rock music was just emerging out of the shadows of the 1960s – it was a really important era and Classic Rock often takes the stories back to the start in educating readers and really opening their eyes and ears to a special sound. A great magazine."

Jeff Lynne

Jeff Lynne

Lead singer of ELO

"For me the era of classic rock can be no better celebrated than in Classic Rock magazine. From showcase albums to stories of debauchery, reviews of reissues and interviews with those who made the era great, it’s a terrific read and one that provides a trip down memory lane every time I pick up a copy."

Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick

Rock guitarist

"I subscribe to Classic Rock – it’s my favourite magazine. For someone like me so passionate about my music, there’s nothing else above it. Naturally, it helps that I’m in the magazine a bit – that’s good for the ego – but seriously, for an era of music and for the fact it’s presented in a manner that informs without pretending you know either too much or too little, it’s an awesome read."

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