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If you have a keen interest in the natural world and the animals that inhabit it, then this nature magazine makes a fascinating read.

Featuring spectacular photography of everything from British birds to African lions, alongside coverage of the latest zoology news and discoveries, a BBC Wildlife magazine subscription is a must for animal enthusiasts.

In each issue you'll find seasonal features on animal activity such as migration, spotlight articles on individual species and discussion of important environmental issues facing animals around the world.

PLUS, there are also exclusive interviews with important wildlife figures like Sir David Attenborough, and a regular 'Big Question' feature that answers some of nature's most enduring mysteries.


Your essential guide to the natural world, showcasing the wonder and beauty of wildlife and helping you to experience and enjoy nature more.

Packed full of breathtaking images, informative features, British wildlife, practical advice and much more. This is a must have read for everyone with a passion for the natural world. If you like feeding the birds in your garden, spotting wildlife in the British countryside or going on safari, then it's the magazine for you!

Experience the wonder and beauty of nature through the inspirational images of the world's finest wildlife photographers and enjoy fascinating features on the animals and the world around us.

PLUS, all of our practical advice, expert tips and ideas for great days out will help you to understand, experience and enjoy nature more.

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Sir David Attenborough
Sir David Attenborough loves BBC Wildlife

The natural world has been a life passion of mine, and I’ve dedicated 60 years to the BBC, so I’m glad to say the BBC Wildlife magazine stands up to the sort of scrutiny that my documentaries do! Of course, it’s impossible to cram the natural world into the pages of the magazine, but it’s a lovely read to gain an idea of a broad spectrum of species, from the obscure to the popular, the understated to the magnificent. I probably don’t read enough, if the truth be known, but I would always read this magazine.

Sir David Attenborough Nature and wildlife broadcaster
Steve Backshall
Steve Backshall loves BBC Wildlife

Call me biased but I think BBC Wildlife magazine is by far the best title out there on the market. It presents itself in much the same way we present our programming – namely to explain to people that they don’t need to head out way into the countryside to sample Britain’s unique wildlife offering... it really is all on our doorsteps! There’s also a strong message that no-one needs to be an expert to discover wildlife, and there is such a range of animals in each issue that there really should be something for everyone. If you’re passionate about finding out more when it comes to wildlife but don’t know where or how to start, you really need to pick up this magazine.

Steve Backshall Wildlife Presenter